Thursday, April 20, 2006

Beaver Baby

sorry it's been so long since i've written. it's been a hectic few months w/refinancing our house and our trip to ca for anna's wedding. well, ella will be 10 months old the end of this month. hard to believe! and she's crawling everywhere now-the real type of crawling too, not the army (low) crawling she did since 7.5 months. she follows me everywhere around the house and still loves pulling up on things. she's not cruising yet though. i'm trying to enjoy now and not wish for the next stage too much but it's hard. since she was about 7.5 months she's said "mama" whenever will has her and i leave the room. i think she really knows it's me, but she hasn't said it directly to me while i'm holding her. all in good time. she makes the funniest seal noise now-oh, and she is completely destroying her crib! that's right-how silly of us to pay so much for a nice berg, pine crib. check out what she's done to it! such a crazy baby! she is working on 2 more top teeth, but really! here's a cute pic of her taken in a dress i had as a baby. more later-she's ready to eat!