Thursday, December 20, 2007

Things That Make Me Smile

Ella: "Pet Spunky." "No." (Very sad look on her face)
Mommy: "Why couldn't you pet Spunky, sweetie?" "Did he run away?"
Ella: "No." "Walk 'way."

Whenever we're in the kitchen for an exteded period of time, I will no doubt hear this request at least half a dozen times, "Hear Frosty Snowman? Peeze..."

Ella's rendition goes something like this,
"Frosty Snowman."
"Happy, Jolly So."
...."Butt Nose"
"Two Eyes".."Cold"

She loves high stepping it when the "Thumpity, Thump, Thump" part comes on. And she sings the last part perfectly on tune, "Back 'Gain Someday!" She'll often repeat that line, and then add, "Frosty Snowman said!"

Last night, she was looking at a Charlie Brown book and wanted to know the name of one of the characters. I didn't know. So she said,
"Show Daddy."
"Might know."

Trying to lift the radio to take into the kitchen:
"Too heavy." "Grownup do it."
"Baby grownup yet."(shakes head).
"Help Mommy though."

As we came into the kitchen,
"Ella big girl."
"Taylor big girl."
"Laura big girl."
"Mommy grown up."
"Daddy big boy."

Will wasn't too trilled when I told him that. BTW for those who don't know, Taylor and Laura are Ella's cousins. Taylor is 9; Laura is 7.

We were getting read to go to Mama's yesterday for a little get-together.
"See Taylor?" she asked.
"I don't think Taylor will be there, sweetie."
"Maybe so," she says.
When we made it to the dirt road at Mama's, she said, "Out. Dirt road," and I helped her move up front w/me. Soon, we saw the horse and I said, "Oh no, we forgot Sir's food!" Ella immediately turned towards Sir and yelled, "Sorry, Sir!"

BTW, Taylor and Cody were there and they all had a ball discovering forts and playing Cowboys and Indians. And Grandma was the star of the show. But Ella did miss Laura and kept saying, "Taylor here, Laura no."

I told Ella this morning that the pancakes were still a little hot, so she needed to wait a minute before eating them. Instead she immediately took a bite and then followed with,
"Mommy told you baby."
"Too hot baby."

And since she hasn't quite learned how talk using negatives, if she tries something she doesn't like (or even if she thinks she might not like it), she'll shake her head vehemently, arch her back, and through gritted teeth say, "Like that!"

Lastly, for all you BOZ fans out there, Ella loves to greet me in the morning with,
"Wake up!" "Time rise!" "Prise!" "New Day!"

(Please tell me I'm not the only Mommy who knows all the words to Boz's Treehouse Tunes...)

I hope all of you are having a blessed holiday season. We're looking forward to Emily and Jeff's visit (and of course finally meeting our newest nephew!) and also seeing my dear friend Sarah and her husband who will be coming down from VA for New Year's Eve. We'll also be going to visit my folks whom I haven't seen since August. I apologize for not getting out Christmas cards this year-hopefully we'll be all settled and more organized next year!