Monday, March 31, 2008

Children's Book Monday

By Steve Smallman
Illustrated by Tim Warnes

This is a delightful book for toddlers! Bumbletum is a brand new toy in some lucky child's bedroom. He's "small, soft, and floppy" and his tummy is covered in stripes. When Teddy Bear asks Bumbletum what he can do, he doesn't know. Thus all the toys begin their quest to uncover Bumbletum's talent.

Milly Mouse says, "You look like a mouse." "Can you squeak like this?" Milly pushes her tummy and squeaks. But no matter how much Milly tries to make Bumbletum's tummy squeak, it just doesn't work. Then other toys take their guesses at what his special talent might be. Bumbletum finally becomes discouraged and says, "I must be a 'doesn't really do anything kind of toy.'"

Thankfully, one more toy has a plan. And as a result of this plan-turned-disaster Bumbletum discovers that he can do something important for others and rejoices, for he is "very, very special indeed!"

The pictures are so true-to-life, you'll feel like all the toys are your immediate friends. Ella requests this one again and again-in fact, I've renewed it 3 times and unfortunately have to turn it in this week. But that's great news for someone else! Enjoy!

Saturday, March 29, 2008

The Nursery

I recently went to a consignment sale in town and found this photo/memo board with the most ADORABLE fabric on it. It's a great vintage zoo theme. Immediately I knew this is how I wanted to decorate Icee's room. It's perfect for a boy or girl. The only problem is where to find more fabric like this??? I'm going on the hunt this coming week to fabric stores in town, hoping and praying I'll find some more. I've already scoured the internet for it w/no luck. I'd like to have the crib bumper made from this fabric and I'll just use Ella's old crib skirt w/it (it's red/white gingham, so it should look great w/this.) I'm planning on asking the very artistic Abbie to paint a mural for me on one wall (giraffes, lions, etc) to complete the look. And I'm thinking we'll paint the walls a pale or medium shade of yellow.

For those of you who frequent fabric stores, please let me know if you see this-thanks!

Friday, March 28, 2008

Easter at the Lake

Saturday after the reunion, we went to the lake to spend the night w/my mom and step-dad. Ella had been looking forward to it for weeks. We went to church w/them on Sunday (I'm so excited they have a church they both enjoy going to!) and heard a wonderful cantata about our risen Christ.

During the service they also had a movie playing of Christ's ministry, and it just amazed me that when it came time for His crucifixion, no one spoke up for Him. He had healed so many, yet, everyone continued to shout "Release, Barabbas." For some reason, I had never thought about this before. Will and I talked about it later and he said he was thinking the same thing, but we had to remember that this was in Jerusalem and most of His ministry had been in surrounding cities. Word also traveled slowly in those days-it wasn't like everyone knew right away that He was being crucified. And of course I know this was God's divine plan. Even if people had tried to intervene, it would have proven useless. It just makes me more grateful for my Savior. He knew when He was healing all those people and especially when he was teaching his disciples, that they would all desert him, yet he did it anyway. And He suffered alone there for me. Unfathomable love.

Mom cooked a wonderful meal for us-ham, butterbeans (cooked in fatback-absolutely delicious but glad I don't eat that way everyday!), corn, mashed potatoes, rolls, and strawberry shortcake for dessert. Yum! Then we dyed and hid eggs and Ella had the best time.
Now you hide them, Mommy. Now Daddy. Now Grandma and Grandpa.
Sometimes she wanted to hide them with us. :-) Once she even hid them from me-in one spot-all lined up in a perfect row.

Lastly, we went on a very relaxing boat ride and Ella fell asleep in my arms (kind of tricky since she had a life jacket on-poor thing-she could hardley move w/out rolling off!). I even took a brief nap as well. And Will said again as we were driving home how much he'd love to live there. Of course, he'd be out fishing everyday.

I hope you all had a wonderful Easter celebration as well-we definitely have reason to rejoice, for "He is not here; He has risen just as He said."

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

10-Year College Reunion

It makes me feel very old to write the above title, but it is interesting that I could easily recognize most people at the reunion-I guess 10 years doesn't change you as much as you'd think. We got there a little late since we met w/my midwife first but people were still in line to eat, so we didn't miss much. It was held at the new pavilion-the roof of which was taken from the old gymnasium. They have basketball hoops there too-pretty cool.

I really enjoyed catching up w/ Sarah M., Joy, and Susanna the most, as I haven't spoken w/them since graduation. Sarah is still teaching in Puerto Rico, Joy is Editor for Kids 4 Truth, and Susanna is working full time at the Bill Rice Ranch. Of course, I also spent lots of time w/Tammi and Sarah H., but I do get to see them more frequently.

Ella had a blast playing w/Sarah's daughter Hailey. She even got her face painted (for the first time) and sat perfectly still for it (quite a feat for a toddler!). There were two sad parts to the reunion. One, of course, was telling everyone good-bye, knowing that you would not see the majority of them for another 10 years. (But Joy McCarnan did do a great job w/the memory books, so at least I can have a way to keep in touch w/many of my classmates now.) And then there was Ella's balloon. She got a red butterfly balloon and loved it. When we were talking w/Sarah H, she said suddenly, "Laura, isn't that Ella? She's running across the field." She was going as fast as her little legs could carry her, for her balloon had blown away (it was awfully windy that day). Will ran after her, scooped her up, and tried finding the balloon (which had now blown to the next soccer field). As soon as they spotted it, they saw it POP and Will said Ella cried, "No! No!" Oh, my pitiful child. Thankfully, she recovered after a few minutes.

We toured the new gym before we left-it's really something. I would have loved an indoor track when I was there! And we spoke w/Anna Grace who currently works on campus w/her husband, and she said many good changes have taken place there since we left. Stephen Jones seems to be doing a great job.

Letisha, I'm sorry you didn't get to go-I hope you'll get your memory book soon and that you'll enjoy these pics. Sorry I didn't take more; I realized about half-way through that my camera was still in the car!

Monday, March 24, 2008


We met with my midwife in Greenville on Saturday and she was able to pick up the baby's heartbeat. Praise the Lord! You don't know how relieved that makes me. And as far as we can tell, there seems to be just one in there :-).

The heart rate was in the 160's. So if it continues to be that throughout the pregnancy, I won't be stocking up on any blue outfits.

I know of many who had a boy and the heart rate started out at 160's but throughout the pregnancy it fluctuated (150's, 140's, etc). BUT I think that old wive's tale proves true IF it is consistent throughout the pregnancy. In other words, if the baby's heart rate is consistenly in the 160's, you're most likely having a girl, and consistently in the 140's, a boy. 150's is anybody's guess. That's my theory anyway. Ella was in the 160's from 13 weeks until 5 min. before I pushed her out.
So....we'll see.

And here's my updated pic at 12 weeks. I've currently gained 7.5 lbs and you know what? It's really okay. I'm working out (3 days a week) and trying to eat healthy, so that's all I can do.

And by the way, I swear I've already felt our little one move several times (starting last week). Have any of you felt movement that early?

I'll post soon about my college reunion and our great Easter at the lake.

Sunday, March 02, 2008


Ella and Jonathan (he turned 9 months yesterday) had a grand time Saturday. Kimberly and I took them both in the wagon for awhile, but Ella got out after only a short ride and opted to walk with us. She said Jonathan was "too heavy" leaning on her. (He's 19 lbs; she's 26).