Saturday, March 29, 2008

The Nursery

I recently went to a consignment sale in town and found this photo/memo board with the most ADORABLE fabric on it. It's a great vintage zoo theme. Immediately I knew this is how I wanted to decorate Icee's room. It's perfect for a boy or girl. The only problem is where to find more fabric like this??? I'm going on the hunt this coming week to fabric stores in town, hoping and praying I'll find some more. I've already scoured the internet for it w/no luck. I'd like to have the crib bumper made from this fabric and I'll just use Ella's old crib skirt w/it (it's red/white gingham, so it should look great w/this.) I'm planning on asking the very artistic Abbie to paint a mural for me on one wall (giraffes, lions, etc) to complete the look. And I'm thinking we'll paint the walls a pale or medium shade of yellow.

For those of you who frequent fabric stores, please let me know if you see this-thanks!


Anonymous said...

I was really hoping to talk to you this week, being that it was spring break. My week turned out busier than I thought. It was so good to catch up on some of your news by your blog. I love your hair, but totally understand if you cut it some time! :) No news on my end yet, but I am okay with that. Maybe we could talk this week!
Miss you lots,
Sarah Grace
PS - I like the cheerfulness of the fabric!

Emily said...

Cute fabric! I will keep an eye out and let you know if I find anything similar...maybe something in the same color scheme would work!
Which room are you going to make into the nursery?

Laura said...

Sarah Grace-miss you lots too and have been thinking of you often. Yes! Let's try to call this week.

Em-we're making the office (where y'all stayed) the nursery. We considered Ella and the baby sharing a room but that makes me too nervous. What if the baby cries in the middle of the night and Ella-that girl is such a light sleeper-gets up before I do to try and soothe him and perhaps drops him from the crib? Just call me a paranoid mom. Then there's the deal of not being able to put Ella back to sleep when the baby wakes her up too. Of course, I could have the same problem if they have different rooms. But for now we've decided to...

move the computer into the kitchen. We removed a leaf from the kitchen table to make room for the computer table along one wall. (We're hoping to go get my granny's dining room table soon, so we'll use that in the dining room when we have more guests.) And the bookcase in the office is going outside in the workout room. We'll still have the one bookcase in the living room. Ah, to have a 4BR house! :-) Love you!

Elizabeth said...

I'm on it! I'll look and let you know. Let me know if you need me to sew anyting.
BTW I LOVE the fabric.
Who is sewing your bumpers?

rcsnickers said...

I understand not wanting to put baby with Ella. I have all the same worries! That fabric is so cute and colorful! What a great find.

Laura said...

I don't have anyone as yet to do the bumpers. Are you game? :-)