Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Tot Block by Graco

Helpful Hint

as i was cleaning out ella's nose today-i know, what a delightful task to do and talk about-i remembered how thankful i was for my midwife's (amy leland) suggestion to use the closed end of a bobby pin to retrieve those "hard-to-get creatures" when a bulb syringe just won't do. it works like a charm. wanted to share.

Our Christmas Angel

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Playpen Time

i didn't think i'd need a playpen for ella. thought she could just sit on her big blanket while i worked on my sat papers and all would be well. ha! she's quite the roller and ended up near the treadmill, w/her mouth on the dust-covered frame. yuck! will said, "i think it's time for a playpen," so i got busy looking. it didnt' take long. i knew i didn't need one w/a bassinet and all the bells and whistles, as ella is over 7 mths now and already has a mini co-sleeper anyway. my choice was tot block by graco. it's super. i got it at for $89.96 w/free shipping (except i did have to pay for an oversize charge of $8.00). it's square, 38 x38, so it's much larger than a normal size playpen and had great reviews. should be arriving monday-can't wait to get it!