Saturday, June 14, 2008

Birthday Picnics

Ella is totally into turning 3. She's in countdown mode now. She knows that it's June and that at the end of this month, she'll have her special day. She's been getting picnics together w/me and her animals for awhile now, but for the last couple of weeks, Ella has called them birthday picnics. Just today, she told me, "Mommy I made you a birthday picnic. Come eat your birthday food." I think she assumes we're all going to celebrate our birthdays on her special day!

We're so loving the pool. Now that it's warmer (86 degrees in the water!), we're swimming most every day. Ella's a little fish; with her floaties on, she can swim all the way to the deep end and back. And she jumps off the side of the pool into our waiting arms. Maybe she doesn't need those swim lessons at the Y after all. :-)

And, I turn 6 months tomorrow-yay! The crib bedding has arrived. I chose this pattern, as I could never find the fabric to mach the memo board I had. (Scroll down to the 3rd pic and enlarge, so you can see how it looks w/all the bedding on the crib.) And no, I didn't pay this price; thankfully, I got it used for much cheaper! Even though it doesn't match my original plan exactly, at least it's still a zoo theme in primary colors. Hopefully the green walls will get painted in a couple weeks, and I'll post a pic when it's all set up.