Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Fun with Cousins!

on saturday, my mom took ella and me to visit my sister marna and her new baby kaitlyn elaine (born may 3). she's sooo tiny-ella looks huge compared to her-and she has a head full of hair (probably more than ella will have by the time she's 2!) and long fingers and toes. she's a doll. ella didn't know quite what to think of her but she did enjoy playing w/her older cousins, justin (20 months), dylan (5), and evan (10). dylan introduced her to his police truck, which ella briefly examined before starting to chew on it, and a colorful rubber ball that lit up-a huge hit w/her. while ella took a nap in kaitlyn's crib (kaitlyn slept in her swing), i had loads of fun w/evan and dylan. first we played board games which i haven't done in ages, and intelligent evan had to teach me me how to play dominoes and backgammon again. we also enjoyed a game of chinese checkers. next, we went outside and i had an absolute blast jumping on the trampoline-i felt like a kid again-and playing kickball (hard to do w/ just 3 people, but we managed). inside, justin enjoyed going to the crib and checking on ella-once she was awake, he had fun making her smile and laugh. all in all, it was a super day-hopefully we'll be back to play again soon.

Gama and Ganpa's House

this past weekend ella and i went to the lake while will went fishing w/jim. we both had a great time-i enjoyed relaxing w/my parents, and will helped catch 62 fish, mostly brim. ella crawled all over the house, and found a favorite toy-ganpa's handle on his recliner. she kept trying to pull it off and bite on it. eventually ganpa let her have it and use it as a pull up bar. she also loved watching ganpa feed heck, jeck, louise, and lonnie (family of ducks ganpa has adopted) and h.d. (hound dog) and was fascinated by all the birds she saw while sitting on gama's lap. hopefully the next time we go down, it'll be warmer and she'll be able to "take a dip" in the lake. enjoy the pics!

Sunday, May 14, 2006

Daddy's Girl

on this mother's day, i'm reminded how blessed i am to have a wonderful,caring husband, and a beautiful, healthy baby. i feel like i should be the one doing for others today and not the other way around b/c God has been so good to me. will made the sweetest card from ella and helped her sign her name-it reads
"happy mommy's day! mommy, for changing my dirty diapers, wiping my little nose, washing my tiny hiney, and for the zillions of other little things you do for me every day...i want to wish you the very best mother's day! love, ella grace" how sweet is that? well, ella definitely loves her daddy too as you can see by these pictures. as soon as she is old enough, she'll be accompanying him on hunts.

Friday, May 12, 2006

Kannon Get-together

this past sunday we went to em and jeff's for a great sunday dinner and got to visit w/chuck, laurance, and kimberly. ella had a grand time showing everyone her new clapping skill, and she was completely fascinated w/frodo-em and jeff's cat. she made her "curious" sound everytime he came around. try as she might, she couldn't ever catch him-frodo was too smart and hid in chairs she couldn't reach. oh well, maybe next time. enjoy the pics!