Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Fun with Cousins!

on saturday, my mom took ella and me to visit my sister marna and her new baby kaitlyn elaine (born may 3). she's sooo tiny-ella looks huge compared to her-and she has a head full of hair (probably more than ella will have by the time she's 2!) and long fingers and toes. she's a doll. ella didn't know quite what to think of her but she did enjoy playing w/her older cousins, justin (20 months), dylan (5), and evan (10). dylan introduced her to his police truck, which ella briefly examined before starting to chew on it, and a colorful rubber ball that lit up-a huge hit w/her. while ella took a nap in kaitlyn's crib (kaitlyn slept in her swing), i had loads of fun w/evan and dylan. first we played board games which i haven't done in ages, and intelligent evan had to teach me me how to play dominoes and backgammon again. we also enjoyed a game of chinese checkers. next, we went outside and i had an absolute blast jumping on the trampoline-i felt like a kid again-and playing kickball (hard to do w/ just 3 people, but we managed). inside, justin enjoyed going to the crib and checking on ella-once she was awake, he had fun making her smile and laugh. all in all, it was a super day-hopefully we'll be back to play again soon.


Marna said...

Hey Laura! I just checked out your recent blog. I love the pictures. I am definitely going to order some. I really enjoyed the visit with you, Ella & mom. We all had a great time, especially the kids. They really enjoyed your company. I think they liked that trampoline jump time the best. Ella is growing up fast and is so adorable. I hope we can see each other more often since were both at home now, even though I have 4, mabye we can work something out over the summer.

Laura said...

marna-glad you liked the pics-the trampoline time was the best for me too-can't wait to visit y'all again-it was a blast! your pool sounds sooooo good right now. :-) love ya!