Saturday, August 19, 2006

Playdate with John Michael!

Cecilia brought John Michael (8 months) over for a fun time with Ella last week. He enjoyed Ella's piano, and she took to his teething toy-she loved making it vibrate. It's funny how babies at this age play more alongside each other than with each other. JM tried out one of Ella's teething biscuits at lunch, but I don't think he cared that much for it. Once he gets several teeth, I think he'll like the harder ones-Ella just loves them. Oh, and just a few days after Cil's visit, we noticed Ella's 1st molar coming in-now she can really chomp down. Hopefully, not on me! :-) It was great swapping mom stories w/Cil; we're planning on doing it again soon.
"Oh, no, John Michael!"
"I think we left our toys in the other room!"
"I'm coming to get you, Mommy!"
I think the kiddos think Cecilia has treats for them!
"Hey, John Michael, stop flirting with my Mommy."

Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Goodbye, 20's

Well, I celebrated a big milestone last Thursday-turning 30! I was a little sad; I know it's just a number and I'm still young, but still, not as young....oh well. Will made it special w/flowers, a beautiful card and a yummy cake (which Ella greatly enjoyed a piece of!) Sarah, a friend from college whom I haven't seen in awhile, came over to have lunch w/me and we had a wonderful time-she's great w/Ella. Then for my big b-day celebration we went to the lake for the weekend and Ga-ma and Gan-pa kept Ella while Will and I enjoyed our 2nd date night since Ella was born. We enjoyed a movie [Superman Returns-suprisingly really good-I was afraid I'd be sad seeing it w/out Christopher Reeve as Superman, but the new guy did a good job and there was plenty of romance to keep me interested. :-)] and had dinner-delicious salmon! Ella was great for her grandparents-I fed her right before we left, then mom fed her yogurt and a teething biscuit for her 6:00 feeding, and we were back for her next feeding. It was great for us to get away, but we found ourselves missing her at dinner-we kept looking to where her travel seat would have been attached to the table. This was the longest we've been away from her. We're actually trying to work up to a full night out; we'd like to go to a bed and breakfast while Mom and Kenny keep her, but we'll see about that. With me still breastfeeding and Ella not used to taking pumped milk in a bottle anymore, not sure how that one will work. Maybe she'll take it in her sippy cup? That won't be until October at the earliest anyhow-Mom and Kenny leave for their Alaskan cruise Sept. 9! They're so excited-well, Mom is, Kenny's still warming up to the idea, I think! :-) I know he'll enjoy it once they're there though. Well, enjoy the pics-some from b-day weekend and others I just recently took here at home.
The Big 3-0!
"Hey, Miss Sarah, did you know our outfits match?"
"I really like your hat, Gan-pa!"
Our little Clemson Crawler!
"But, Ga-ma, I want to get down!"
"Fine. I'll just lie down then."
"It's almost full, Mommy. Can I get in now?"
"Hello. Anyone there?"