Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Playpen Time

i didn't think i'd need a playpen for ella. thought she could just sit on her big blanket while i worked on my sat papers and all would be well. ha! she's quite the roller and ended up near the treadmill, w/her mouth on the dust-covered frame. yuck! will said, "i think it's time for a playpen," so i got busy looking. it didnt' take long. i knew i didn't need one w/a bassinet and all the bells and whistles, as ella is over 7 mths now and already has a mini co-sleeper anyway. my choice was tot block by graco. it's super. i got it at for $89.96 w/free shipping (except i did have to pay for an oversize charge of $8.00). it's square, 38 x38, so it's much larger than a normal size playpen and had great reviews. should be arriving monday-can't wait to get it!


Erin said...

Playpen time is so important! Not just for safety or keeping a kid out of your hair, but it also teaches independent play. Try just giving one toy a day and rotate in a new one each day. Grace ended up doing that for months. Can't do playpen time as much because Grace now tries to climb in with Isaiah! And I understand not playing on a blanket anymore... Isaiah has decided to start crawling as of this week.

Laura said...

Isaiah's crawling? Wow! How exciting! How old was Grace when she started? Ella seems like she wants to, but isn't there yet. Good advice about the toys-I am trying not to overwhelm her w/too many at once.