Monday, March 31, 2008

Children's Book Monday

By Steve Smallman
Illustrated by Tim Warnes

This is a delightful book for toddlers! Bumbletum is a brand new toy in some lucky child's bedroom. He's "small, soft, and floppy" and his tummy is covered in stripes. When Teddy Bear asks Bumbletum what he can do, he doesn't know. Thus all the toys begin their quest to uncover Bumbletum's talent.

Milly Mouse says, "You look like a mouse." "Can you squeak like this?" Milly pushes her tummy and squeaks. But no matter how much Milly tries to make Bumbletum's tummy squeak, it just doesn't work. Then other toys take their guesses at what his special talent might be. Bumbletum finally becomes discouraged and says, "I must be a 'doesn't really do anything kind of toy.'"

Thankfully, one more toy has a plan. And as a result of this plan-turned-disaster Bumbletum discovers that he can do something important for others and rejoices, for he is "very, very special indeed!"

The pictures are so true-to-life, you'll feel like all the toys are your immediate friends. Ella requests this one again and again-in fact, I've renewed it 3 times and unfortunately have to turn it in this week. But that's great news for someone else! Enjoy!


Renee' said...

Sounds like a great book! Thanks for sharing.

Anonymous said...

hi Laura!

Thanks for stopping by my blog today! Nice to ~meet~ you!

I really like the look of the book you reviewed today. Thanks for the recommendation.
My daughter is almost 3 as well (May). We love books at our house!

Also, congratulations on your pregnancy. What a blessing! :)


Jeffry & Amy said...
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Jeffry & Amy said...
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Anonymous said...

What a cute story. I'll have to see if our library has that. My toddler is really starting to get interested in toy these days. :)

rcsnickers said...

yes, more book reviews. Going on my list! Thanks!

Martie said...

Sounds like a good book. I will have to check it out for my Zak.

Thanks for the info.


Elise said...

Oh, boy- I know Eliana would love this! Isn't it fun to read to our toddlers? It's nice to cuddle up and get off of our feet for a moment- and have a good excuse to do it, too! :)
Thanks for sharing!

steve said...

My name is Steve and I was really
pleased to read such a lovely review and such positive comments about Bumbletum.Especially because I wrote it!It was my first picture book to be published. Might I suggest that you check out my second,'The Lamb Who Came for Dinner' I think you might like it!
Best Wishes