Monday, March 24, 2008


We met with my midwife in Greenville on Saturday and she was able to pick up the baby's heartbeat. Praise the Lord! You don't know how relieved that makes me. And as far as we can tell, there seems to be just one in there :-).

The heart rate was in the 160's. So if it continues to be that throughout the pregnancy, I won't be stocking up on any blue outfits.

I know of many who had a boy and the heart rate started out at 160's but throughout the pregnancy it fluctuated (150's, 140's, etc). BUT I think that old wive's tale proves true IF it is consistent throughout the pregnancy. In other words, if the baby's heart rate is consistenly in the 160's, you're most likely having a girl, and consistently in the 140's, a boy. 150's is anybody's guess. That's my theory anyway. Ella was in the 160's from 13 weeks until 5 min. before I pushed her out.
So....we'll see.

And here's my updated pic at 12 weeks. I've currently gained 7.5 lbs and you know what? It's really okay. I'm working out (3 days a week) and trying to eat healthy, so that's all I can do.

And by the way, I swear I've already felt our little one move several times (starting last week). Have any of you felt movement that early?

I'll post soon about my college reunion and our great Easter at the lake.


rcsnickers said...

What a great belly pic! Glad you were able to meet with your friend midwife and hear the heartbeat!!! Such a praise!

Emily said...

Aww, you look ever so cute!! So glad all seems well with the baby! So relieved you could see Amy and set your mind at rest. Looking forward to that post about the reunion!

Erin said...

Good to hear about your meeting. As for movement, I felt early on like you with all of my subsequent pregnancies.

Elizabeth said...

Well, they didn't pick up my twins' heart-beat, either! I didn't find out about the twins until 18 weeks! And to me, you look big for 12 weeks. Have you had a vaginal ultrasound yet? Just saying....


btw, you look absolutely beautiful!

joydriven said...

awesome, friend.
and it was SO GREAT to see you, even if only briefly. i love Lewis' quote - Christians never say good-bye.

would you please send photos to me/us, as well? we are going to try to make a password-protected album for those who are in/affiliated with the class to view photos. or would be great....