Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Paint, Boxes, and Camo!

Hope everyone enjoyed Memorial Day! Will spent the weekend and Memorial Day painting the office, den, master bedroom, and hallway. I went home for a friend's 30th birthday party and enjoyed spending time w/family as well. Our house is looking prettier and prettier which makes us not want to leave it! Why couldn't we get it looking this good while we were here for 6 years? But please pray about the screen porch! We're having trouble finding someone to finish it up. People say they can and will and then back out. We don't want to put the house up until it's finished.
We're also praying that Tommy (Will's future boss) will continue to be patient w/the starting date. It's looking more like July for sure and that's if our house sells very, very fast. We've started packing boxes-books, attic stuff, and some of Will's supplies from his shed. We'll be taking those on a U-Haul down to the homeplace this weekend since we're going that way for Kimberly's baby shower.

Here's some recent picture of our adorable and crazy baby. The camo overalls are a little big yet, but she definitely looks like she'd make a cute hunter one day. :-)


Anonymous said...

Hey Laura,
Who was the friend? Do I know her? We are praying for you during this exciting time. I only have about a week left. I survived the Busch Gardens trip and actually rode 1 roller coaster! We've booked Atlantis too - just praying the passport will come soon.
Love ya,
Sarah Grace

Laura said...

Yay, so glad you're going to the Bahamas again. The party was for Amy, so yes you know her. :-) When are you going on your trip?

Elise said...

So good to catch up again, and have details so we can pray!
Love the camo overalls - my niece was wearing some yesterday that said "Daddy's Little Deer" on the front. So cute!
I love the one where's she's looking upside down through her legs - Eliana just started that, and Kevin keeps walking in at dinner time to both of us doing it in the kitchen! I can't bear to ignore her! :)

Elizabeth said...

I LOVE the overalls (especially upside down), headband, and flower in her hair! And those curls!

We felt the same way with our house! It was never that nice when we lived there! And you know: the minute me moved out (and scrubbed for 16 hours till it sparkled) it sold! I'm praying for you during this difficult time.
I love you and was looking forward to this weekend, but it looks like Abbie's going to have Faith (she's 1.5 cm and having contractions 30 minutes apart,) so we're thinking by Saturday hopefully! Jim's at a course, so we'll see! God has it all taken care of I know. Can't wait to have you closer.

family1st said...

Yay for the update. Love the overalls... too cute!

ohhh pictures from Kimberly's baby shower PLEASE!!!!!!! How exciting that she is so close!


Nene said...

I love these precious pictures of Ella! She's so cute in her overalls! I'm praying for y'all during this time...everything will come together perfectly!

Laura said...

Elise, what a good mama you are! Will often comes in to find us in a tickling match-of course, I'm doing most of the tickling. :-)

Liz, so are you coming here to help me scrub for 16 hours? :-) Actually, it may take longer at our house...

Thank you, Karanena, and everyone else for your prayers!