Thursday, July 10, 2008

I'm Three!

Ella celebrated her 3rd birthday the first time on Saturday June 28 for her pool party. Unfortunately, like last year, she was sick. She woke up saying her tummy hurt and by the time the party was over, she was running a slight fever. Fortunately though, there were no upset stomach "conditions" to deal with like last year. But everyone else had a wonderful time it seemed. And though she was overwhelmed w/how loud her "Happy Birthday" song was w/18 people singing it to her, she managed to blow out all 3 candles just fine. :-) And she did eat about 3 bites of a cupcake.

We enjoyed having Dayton, Erin, and their 4 kids visit a few times while they were here (including at Ella's party) and just recently got to see Chuck and his girlfriend, Sarah. Also a few days before Ella's party my beloved Sarah spent two nights w/me and helped me w/all the party plans (including a very long trip to Walmart). The night before the party, Laurance and Kimberly helped w/weed-eating and popsicle and cupcake making (guess which one did which?) :-) So, Ella's party was truly a family affair!

On Ella's actual birthday on June 30, my mom, step-dad, and grandmother came up and we grilled out again and let her blow out candles again. She was feeling better by this time but still not quite herself.

Then Will and I got sick with an awful cold/sore throat/congestion thing and I'm just now feeling more like myself. Thankfully Ella only got a small portion of our sickness. And because of this sickness I missed my own baby shower! and Ella missed having Grace over to spend the night w/her that same night. I got some consolation with Emily and Jeff bringing presents and food over later that day and visiting w/us some (I really hope we didn't get you sick!) but poor Ella won't get to see Grace again for at least 2 more years!

Enjoy the birthday photos!


rcsnickers said...

okay, wow, I don't know where to start! Sorry you all got sick and missed your own baby shower! Do you know for sure you will put "his" name above the crib? :) You look great by the way. LOVE LOVE LOVE Ella's dress and flower cupcakes. Was the stem and leaves fondant or icing? Their bedrooms are just beautiful. Can you come decor my house? :) Glad you guys had a wonderful visit withe everyone. I know it was fun having all the cousins and siblings together. Would I know Sarah from school? just curious!

Glad the pregnancy is going well and flying back very quickly.

Laura said...

I finally replied to your last comment on the birtday picnic post-don't know if you read that.
The stem was a green twizzler and the leaves were green airheads. :-)
And Sarah and I have been friends since high school, but she didn't go to BJ.

And, yes, it may be "her" name above the crib-it's just easier saying he/his until we know. :-)

Glad you liked the rooms but I think your house/rooms are beautiful too!

Emily said...

The picture of Grace and Ella is precious. I hope you can send that to Erin!
So sorry y'all were sick, but at least we could see you! Jeff said the highlight of the Sumter trip was just chillin' at your house shelling beans.
To repeat what Letisha said, I love your decor too! You have such an eye for it. I couldn't picture the green walls in the nursery, but it's the perfect color....a "yummy" green as Jeff says. Thanks for sharing the pictures. I just got your note and am getting ready to open it... :) Love you!

rcsnickers said...

LOVE your family picture you added on here.. or just now noticing! How cool that you are 30 wks already! Baby will be in your arms before you know it! :)