Monday, February 16, 2009

Valentine's Day Treat

Will came home from work Saturday to tell me Jim had called him on his cell. Since Jim and Abbie were in Sumter visiting family, they were going to stop by on their way back to Florence to visit us. My first reaction, "Are you crazy?" "This house is a wreck!" But thankfully we had an hour to prepare, and Will cleaned while I nursed the baby, took a shower (I had gone 2 days without one!), and dressed in something other than sweats.

We had a wonderful time w/Jim, Abbie, Sam and Faith. It was the first time Abbie had seen Caleb; I hadn't seen her or the kids since Sam's party. Faith has grown so much-I think she looks just like her mama w/those big, brown eyes. And her hair is getting longer; it looks like it will be curly. It was so fun watching the kiddos play together. I wish I had a video of Abbie doing ring-around-the-rosie w/them or playing "We're going on a bear hunt." And Ella loved running around the den whenever Sam shouted "Ready, Set, Go!" and then coming to an abrupt halt when he yelled, "Stop!" Later that night I used this to teach her "Red Light, Green Light" and am planning on playing this often to tire her out!

Caleb is still congested; we all were sick but we're better. It'll be 3 weeks tomorrow for him. Poor guy-I know it would help if he could just blow it all out. As it is, I'm using the bulb syringe, and of course he hates that. Please pray he'll be able to breathe properly soon. Last time we went to the doctor it was $95 for them to say, "It's a viral infection (i.e. cold); there's nothing you can do for a baby but suction." Um, thanks. He's not running a fever and is still eating well though he continues to sleep a lot between feedings. And since I wrote last, Caleb had a first-he can now roll over! And our big boy is now over 18 pounds! We also have a new nickname for him; "Wide-mouthed Frog" because this is how you'll see him most of the day

And here's a couple more of my favorite pics!


My Little Tigers!


Emily said...

Unbelievable how big Faith is getting! I'm glad you had such a nice visit with Abbie and Jim! "Red light green light" is a great game for getting the wiggles out for Ella without wearing yourself out :)
B/t/w I really like your "family" picture in the right bar. That is just great of all of you. And love the smiley pic of Caleb! Miss you!

Elise said...

Ummmm. okay. Great pics- everyone is getting so big! And- what's up with the baby ticker? Are you seven weeks pregnant? That's what I'm seeing at the top of the page!!!!

Laura said...

Elise-noooo! Thanks for telling me. I had to scroll all the way down to see what you were talking about. Don't know why that was there. Guess I never removed it from last time. But why would it say 7 weeks? Does it start over whenever it wants to? :-)
Anywho, thanks for catching that.

Emmie-miss you too!

Erin said...

Looks like you all had so much fun!

Caleb is 18lb???? The twins are 20 months and only way 19 each! Sorry to hear he's been sick for so long :(

rcsnickers said...

18lbs!!! Sounds like our first boy. His chin is amazing! Wow, who else has such a distinguishable chin? I am so glad you had fun with everyone, but sorry the little boy is still sick. Funny you, change into something other than sweat pants... such is my life! :)

Elise said...

Oh, goodness. I just popped back in and have to comment on how cute your little guy is. He makes me think of my G!