Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Already One?

I can't believe our Lukey is 1 already! And he's still SO tiny-especially compared to his big brother. But it's all good. Luke is just our little Ellington-we call him that because he reminds us so much of Ella. His looks, expressions, even the way he puts his head down on the floor and raises his bottom in the air and looks between his legs playing peek-a-boo. Caleb never did that, but Ella did as a baby-all the time. And Ella was consistently in the 5% range for her weight and height, so I guess I shouldn't be surprised about Lukey. It is interesting though that he eats less solid food than Ella did at this stage. She mostly just had breastmilk until age 1, but on her 1st b-day she was chowing down on corn-on-the-cob. The only solid food Luke cares for is crumbs on the floor! He'll tolerate sweet potatoes and yogurt or spinach smoothie-but only a few bites. Then he's done and just wants to play with or bite the spoon. So I nurse him still 8x a day. And that's okay. But I know that one of these days, he must start expanding his diet.

Ella and Caleb are so good w/Luke. And I can't believe Caleb is 4 now! Luke loves to play w/his hair and Bubba doesn't mind so much since he has a crew cut and Luke can't really hurt it by pulling on it like he can w/mine or Ella's hair. Ella loves toting him around still, though she can't do it for as long now since he's gotten bigger. She'll take him outside to see the animals or give him a ride on the hammock. And Lukey loves to ride the muffin man car. Just the other day, he fell off of it and Caleb said, "Uh-oh. You fell off. You have to be more sensible with this Muffin Man, OK?" Too cute.

We had these pics taken at a lake about 15 minutes or so from our house. Will said it's the last time we're taking pictures professionally...unless we have another baby. Not because he didn't like the photographer-we love her-but because it's such a hassle-finding coordinating outfits, getting everyone to put on the outfits you've picked out, actually making it out the door, and then once you get there, taking 70+ shots just to get one where Caleb is not opening his mouth or biting his shirt, and Luke is not trying to run away so he can explore this new territory, and where Ella is looking at the camera and not at the crazy things her brothers are doing. Arrggh! But even Will said it was worth it all when he saw the pictures.
I am blessed. We are blessed. These pictures are just a reminder of that. And a reminder to treasure these times because already I see how much Ella is changing and growing-she's looking more like a girl and less like my little baby girl. And I almost hate to see that. I keep saying to myself, "I really need to go play with her today in her room-with her Barbie dolls or with her tiny dolls and her dollhouse-before she doesn't want to do that kind of thing anymore." I don't even want to think about the fact that in 6 more years (which will go by just as fast these 7 have), she'll be a teenager. God, please let me redeem the time...these moments with my children. To wake up to what's really important. Not checking my email or organizing recipes, but playing with my children. And instructing them in Your ways. And being in Your Word myself *daily* so that I can instruct them. I want them to see You in me but I have to let You change me first. Every moment of every day. I need to be changed into Your image.

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