Sunday, June 17, 2007

Moving Update

Many of you have asked for an update on our moving status, so I thought a post would be the easiest way to give an answer. :-)

We're moving out of the house July 2-taking our furniture on a moving truck to our new home (the rental property where both Kimberly and Erin have stayed). We're coming back the next day to clean, clean, clean until our house shines and then calling the carpet people in to do their thing. Next, we're calling in the home staging gurus to make our place look wonderful (it's been proven that homes sell 70% faster when they are furnished). Will's company is paying for it, so we figured we better do the most we can to make it sell fast (we have 3 months worth of mortgage covered as well and are ever so thankful for that).

Once that's all done, we're listing our house w/an agent. We wanted to do FSBO so we could save thousands of dollars, but with Will starting his new job the 2nd week in July, it's going to be much easier and less stressful if we do it w/a realtor. Otherwise we'd have to be apart or have Will travel back and forth and try to arrange showings when he's here. The only consolation is that we're doing Mover's Advantage w/USAA (our insurance company), so we'll get about $650 cash back for using their recommended agent. It turns out their agent works for the company we wanted to use anyway (Century 21)-isn't God good! :-)

The handyman should start fixing the roof/gutters on the screen porch tomorrow and Lord willing, be finished w/everything by the end of the week. Will fixed the gates/fences this weekend and re-did the shutters on his shed.

He also took some time to enjoy Father's Day. We had a very special time of family devotions-sang lots of hymns, read a passage, and prayed, and Ella managed okay. We're trying to teach her to be still and quite. Not so easy for a 23-month old, but she's learning. And Will was excited about his presents (a new work outfit, new swim trunks, and some new shorts); I got some great deals at Penny's. :-)

Thank you for your prayers! I'm soooo looking forward to being at our new location and being done w/it all!!! and I think Ella is too. We went down this past Thursday to take another 6x12 trailer down and since we've been back all she keeps saying is "Maw-Maw." That's what we call Will's grandmother whom Ella adores. She also says, "Neigh" because she loves feeding Sir, the horse that's there. I really think she's going to have a blast in the country. She loves her grandparents and great-grandma so much already!

A hug for her Daddy on Father's Day!

She's started feeding her stuffed animals some of her food (here she shares a cracker w/Cuddlebug Bear).


Erin said...

My parents are selling their house too. Had the staging stuff done too. We'll see how it goes for them and us.

Talk about down-sizing. That rental house is small! Are you going to build or buy in Sumter?


Laura said...

Yep, and I'm actually happy that it's small b/c it will show us how much room we really do and don't need so that when we go to build, we won't overdo it (not that we could anyway b/c our budget is rather tight).

We're still planning on building on the old homesite. But we are going to see how the commute (for Will) goes for the first few months before we start building.

You said "we'll see how it goes for them and us." Does that mean y'all are moving too? Getting a bigger place?

rcsnickers said...

It seems like everything is working out. I have never moved a whole house and am impressed every time I hear of someone doing it. I would have no clue where to start!

How sweet that she is feeding her stuffed animals! Girls really show their nurturing and mothering sides, huh?

Happy Father's Day to Will!

Will continue to pray! Glad you will be closer and in the country. Rachel loved the horse as well!


Emily said...

I'm glad you're doing an agent. It does save money to do it yourself but it sounds like it wouldn't be worth the stress to try FSBO. So glad everything is working out! I know everyone in Sumter is excited about your move. Maw Maw wil be tickled to have Ella around :)
I hope all goes well with the packing!

Elise said...

How exciting - it's really happening, isn't it? I have to say, you are so blessed to have hubby's work paying for the realtor stuff! That's a load off, yes?
Still keeping you in our prayers - loved the pics!

Elizabeth said...

Ella is getting so big! She is so adorable!
I too am glad you worked all of the details out so you can get here! I know your house will sell, and can't wait to have you closer, and I know everyone feels the same. It will be so nice to get my Laura and Ella fix in person instead of the internet...
Love ya!

Nene said...

So glad to hear how everything is coming together! Ella is just growing and growing...she is such a pretty little girl!

Erin said...

I said them and us, but I have pregnancy brain. Meant them and you.

We still live in our 750sq ft apartment. It'll be crowded, but small is doable, better for the environment, etc. We'll move when the 4 kids need full size beds and can't share one room.

Emily said...

Erin, I was just talking to a mom who moved OUT of her big house when her fourth was born. She couldn't chase them up and down the stairs, LOL. I guess a smaller place can be preferable in some ways. :)