Tuesday, July 03, 2007

For Sale By Owner

Yes, you read that right-we've changed our minds back to our original plan after some encouraging words from some good friends who had great success w/this. We have some great neighbors who are willing to show the house if someone wants to see it during the week and we'll be back every weekend someone wants to see it. We're planning on trying it this way for 1 month; if no potential buyers in that time frame, we might try a realtor again. Our first realtor interview was awful. She was recommended by USAA and had 20 years experience, but she was not prepared in her presentation and not at all motivated about selling our house. She had no real market strategy. It was like she was just still doing her job but had really left it years ago (as far as being excited about what she does). There was no way I was giving this lady $7000 for basically just putting a sign in my yard. Will and I decided right then and there, that there was no way we could do any worse, MLS or not!

We didn't feel like trying another one USAA had and then possibly another-just a waste of our time. It's not worth the $650 cash back bonus for using one of "their" agents. So, if the FSBO doesn't work for us (and please pray that it does!) we're going to go online and pick our own agent by looking at bio sketches. Sometimes the ones who've only worked 2 years are better b/c they're still so motivated and excited about their job. If we're giving a realtor that money, they're going to have to work for it.

Ella had a most interesting 2nd birthday-I'll write more about that later when I can post pics (my camera hook up that goes to the computer was accidentally packed up!). In short, she was sick and I took a terrible fall (I slipped on her vomit while trying to rush her to the bathroom-how many people can say that!) and thought I was going to have to go the the ER. But thankfully, my neck was not broken (I hit the corner of a wooden TV table and then fell on a hardwood floor-my feet just went completely out from under me!) Turns out I have a very hard head and back and God was completely watching over me! Definitely not a b-day we'll soon forget. Thankfully, my soreness is getting better and Ella hasn't thrown up since early Sunday morning. However, she still hasn't gotten her appetite back-I'm so glad I'm still nursing. On Sunday, breastmilk and 4 saltine crackers was all her little tummy could take.

We're going to the rental house tomorrow-Will's already got all our furniture down there. He may be down for the 4th picnic depending on how the fixing up goes w/this house. Oh, the emotions of walking in yesterday and finding my house almost completely empty. All the memories-and yet, God reminded me that my home is really wherever my dear hubby and daughter are. But still-it is hard. Especially Ella's room. And now today, it has a new coat of paint. :-( No more cheery yellow. Oh well, we'll just have to paint her rental room that color again.

Thank you all for your prayers!


Elizabeth said...

I'm so glad you're ok! What a difficult weekend and time this is for you: you are definitely in my prayers as always. I'm glad you and Ella are feeling OK and can't wait to see you this weekend. Love you!

Nene said...

Y'all certainly did have a rough birthday party, but glad to hear you two are feeling better. You all are in my prayers!

Anonymous said...

Ouch, Laura, this hurt while reading only. God sure kept his hands on you. You could have easily passed out or worse...

Wish you good luck for the sales. My Dad will sell his house by end of the year and it will be the first house sell I actually fully see - this is kind of scary... So much money and such important decisions.

Have a blessed week,

Emily said...

I'm so sorry you took a fall and hope the soreness is gone soon! Not the best bday for Ella, huh. :( I'm praying for you...I know you have a lot going on. I'm so excited to see you this weekend and appreciate all you've done for my shower! I'm looking forward to it so much! Love you. Em

Laura said...

Thank you all for your concern and prayers-my soreness is much better now and Ella's appetite is coming back.

And Em, you're welcome but I'm afraid I can't take too much credit for your shower-I wish I could do more but Elizabeth, Ruth, and Abbie have it covered! :-)

mutating missionary said...

and to think Abraham packed up and herded that crew under those conditions. Gotta love him for listening to God on that one!
Praying for you as you herd your family, unpack those boxes, create a new haven, and seek God in a new place.

rcsnickers said...

HAPPY BELATED BIRTHDAY TO ELLA! Wow, 2 already... time flies. Sorry she was sick and you slipped and got hurt. What a memory that will be.

Praying your house sells and your move goes smoothly.

(I agree, you did a great job with the shower for Emily. Would of loved to have played your games!)

Elise said...

Wow - you are so busy! Did you really have to throw in a fall down the stairs? ;)

Yesterday, I cut part of my fingernail off while preparing for a big party at my house. Not the tip, either. The part attached to my finger. :( Stuff like that always happens when we're busy, and we simply CAN'T slow down!

I'm glad you're okay, and I hope the selling of your house goes well! You are prayed for!