Thursday, July 12, 2007

I'M TWO!!!

Please come help me celebrate
My 2nd birthday at the lake
We'll laugh and run, swim and play
And enjoy icecream cake all day.

Well, that was what her invitation said,
But it should have read,

Please come help me celebrate
My 2nd birthday at the lake
I'll get sick, and Mommy will fall
And in unison we'll begin to bawl!


Here are the promised birthday photos. Enjoy!

And here's a comparison-Ella at her 1st b-day and 2nd b-day. This really makes it obvious how much my baby has grown. Will I ever stop calling her "my baby"? Probably not. :-)


rcsnickers said...

What a beautiful girl! That lakes looks very inviting!

Yes, you will always call her your baby... I do at least! :)


Elizabeth said...

LOVE the pictures! Ella is so photogenic: like her mother!
Thanks for sharing your photos, but my favorite is absolutely the poem!!!!! You rock!

Nene said...

Happy Birthday to Ella!! The pictures are adorable and I too love the poem!!

Emily said...

Love the poem too...who knew you were a poet?? :) Thanks for sharing the pictures. Ella is just beautiful. And my goodness, yes, she has grown!
It was nice seeing pics of the lake house. Such a sweet picture of Ella and Kenny. I know he is a great Grandpa. :)

Elise said...

What fun! Yes, she will always be your baby! :)
She's adorable! Even sick!