Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Beach Trip

We just returned from a wonderful mini-vacation (3 nights) to Surfside Beach. We planned our trip in order to be there the same time as the Fisher family whom we met last year. Ella and Casey had a ball together. Casey celebrated her 3rd birthday while we were there, and Ella was thrilled to go to her party. And Leigh, Casey's mom, is expecting her 2nd as well. She's due in January and Casey's getting a baby brother.

Here's a short video of them doing "Ring around the Rosie." Sorry for the noise in the background (I guess it's the wind/waves or just a bad videographer :-)) ,but if you listen closely, you can hear them singing. Oh, and you'll need to scroll down and pause the music first, so you can hear the video.

It was just wonderful for me to watch Ella run and play on the beach. It was important for me that we do this for her as this will be her last vacation getting all the attention-occasionally it's good to spoil your child. :-)

And yes, I was praying the whole time, "Lord, please don't let me go into labor," especially considering I had to walk 3 flights of stairs to get to our condo. Great exercise, just not when you're so close to delivery. And Will said I got some interesting looks as we took walks down the beach. I'm sure people were expecting me to double over in pain at any moment, but all went well and baby's still safe inside. :-)

Oh, by the way, I got my hair cut short. I knew I would do it when the baby came, so I figured I might as well get it done now when I had a little more time to decide on the cut and style. The choice? A layered bob. I was supposed to leave the salon looking just like Katie Holmes...okay, so no stylist can work magic. And my hair is rather wind-blown in the beach pictures, so you'll just have to wait to see what it really looks like. :-) Overall, I'm pleased though, and it's pretty easy to style, which is always a plus.

Oh, and here's my belly shot at 36 weeks.


Emily said...

Yay, another post with pictures!! The video of Ella and her little friend is just precious. First friendships are special. Glad my favorite blonde-haired angel got a little "spoiling" before the baby comes!
I like what I can see of your haircut...and your belly is cute and yes, very big!! Though you're still so tiny everywhere else!
Not much longer now! I hope things go ok with the midwife etc...praying toward that end.

Elizabeth said...

Thanks for posting! I can't believe you did so much so close to your due date: you go girl! 3 flights of stairs!
I LOVE your hair. And I agree with Emmie: from the back you are tiny! Just a little longer and you will be again!
So glad you had such a nice trip!

Erin said...

Cute belly!!! And cute hair to go with it!

family1st said...

I agree with all the above! Cannot believe you are so close to your due date! Praying for the right place, attendants, and joyful pain free delivery!!! :)

Mary said...

What a great trip! I know you will cherish the memories made there. Praying for you in the last weeks of your pregnancy.

Elise said...

Such a gorgeous belly!!! I'm afraid my bare one would look quite stretched and marked next to yours... but it's still beautiful! :)

Counting down now, aren't we? What fun! Thinking of you!

rcsnickers said...

I keep checking and wondering how you are. You are soooo close!! Can you email me??? thanks

rcsnickers said...

hey, you know family1st is Daniel! Did not realize I was logged in under him on my first comment here. Sorry if it confused you!