Monday, September 01, 2008

The Perfect Place to Give Birth

Will and I went to the mountains for a babymoon last weekend. It was our first time leaving Ella for 2 nights. And yes, it was harder on me than her. Especially considering that the mountain cabin is so well-equipped for kids-there are toys, books, swings, and even a huge playhouse. So, everywhere I looked, I kept thinking, "Ella would love playing with this or reading this."

There was only one time during the trip that I was glad she wasn't there. And that was when we took our "hike" to the waterfall. Actually there's a new path directly from the mountain cabin so you don't have to go through Aunt Joan and Uncle Will's yard, and it is more of a hike-especially when you're very pregnant (34 weeks). Upon arriving there and sitting on a huge rock, I felt such calm. And I was thankful there wasn't a 3-year-old vying for my attention. As I listened to the water cascading down and talked to my littlest one, I couldn't help thinking, "This would be the perfect place to give birth." When I voiced it to Will, he actually said, "You're right-how can we make this work?" Hmm...."Aunt Barbara, Uncle Langdon, can I camp out in your cabin for a few weeks-I'm planning on giving birth at the waterfall." Somehow I don't think it would fly. And I certainly won't be able to drive 5 hours once I'm in labor to birth there. So it was just a dream. A wonderful birthing dream. I just couldn't imagine feeling any pain if I was in such beautiful surroundings and hearing the falls. But I'm sure that's a dream too. I'm sure there would still be pain, though probably quite lessened. Instead, I suppose we'll settle for listening to a CD which has waterfalls and ocean sounds. :-)

Before we went to the mountains, Will had a conference in Alabama and we went with him. We were able to see Letisha, Daniel, and their 5 kids and it was such fun. Ella especially loved the Birmingham Zoo. "I saw a baby raffe and baby zebra," she'll tell you. But I think the kids had the most fun with the monkeys-I never tire of their antics either. And Ella did so well with Joshua and Caleb-usually she's terrified of older boys. Joshua would hold her hand and she went happily along. When she sees his picture now, she'll ask, "What's his name 'gain?" I'll tell her and then she'll say, "He's oldest." At their house, Ella enjoyed the steps the most-so now I know-our next house will be a 2-story and I'll have an automatic built-in toy for the kiddos. :-)

On the way back from Alabama we stayed a night with Em and Jeff. And of course Ella enjoyed seeing Benjamin and now can't stop telling everyone how he's walking now. "But sometimes he falls down, but that's otay." :-) We had a wonderful visit to Tribble Mill Park. Ella asks about going there all the time now. And she so enjoyed reading All the Place to Love to Benjamin.

This pic is blurry but I think it's so cute. As if Benjamin is saying, "Eh? Read a little louder, Ella."

Before the Alabama trip my dad, his fiancee, Marna, Marcelo and their 4 kids came up to see our house for the first time. Here's some cute pics from that visit.

Kaitlyn looks more and more like Marna, I think.

Ice cream and summertime-what could be better?

Dad and Nancy

As far as baby goes, I'm fine but just really tired and have been pretty much the whole pregnancy-so much for that boost of energy you're supposed to get during the
2nd trimester. I suppose being 4 years older and having a toddler to look after has something to do with it. I found out a few appointments ago that my blood sugar is high and hemoglobin very low (a 9-I was a 14 at 20 weeks). So, I'm watching even more carefully my sugar intake-so hard to do!, especially when I need to cut out most fruits too-and taking some food-based iron supplements. At my last visit I was up to a 10.9 for my hemoglobin but I really can't tell a difference in my energy level. I'm hoping I will have a great energy boost after the baby's born-ha!

We're still deciding on names-let's see, we've narrowed it down to 4 boy names and about 15 girl names. That's actually good-if you could have only seen my list when I started. Hopefully, in the next few weeks I can narrow the girls' names down some more and then when the baby comes, we'll just have a few to decide upon based on how the baby looks. Hmm, not sure how that will go. When Ella came out, she was quite purple, screaming very loudly and rather funny looking :-); I don't think based on that I would have decided on Ella had it not already been chosen.

Thank you all for your prayers as we prepare for our newest arrival.


rcsnickers said...

oh I have an idea..... can Erin turn it into a birth cabin??? We can all go there for our births with Erin in attendance!!!! Sounds great.... :)

Glad you had a wonderful relaxing surreal time at the cabin. Love the waterfall picture. Gorgeous!!

Funny that she asks that about Joshua. My Mom was asking about their time with you guys. Rachel got your Christmas family card to show her your picture and said "she is my new friends". Too cute.

The picture of Ella reading and Benjamin on the stairs is JUST TOO CUTE!!! I cannot believe he is walking! :)

You look great by the way! Sorry you are tired, but your baby will be here before you know. :)

Elizabeth said...

I am so glad to read your update!!! How I have missed you my dear Larua! I'm so glad you had some alone time before the birth, and there is no more beautiful place than the falls. Ella is growing up so fast and is so adorable. There is little else that tugs my heart strings like her blonde curls. So glad you've had some vacation time, and look great! Thanks for the update and pictures!

Emily said...

Thanks for sharing the pictures! And yes so glad you could spend some time with just you and your honey before things get very very busy :D A babymoon is special and you'll look back on the quiet time you had together with warm memories! The falls are so beautiful. I think they have a permanent spot in everyone's heart, everyone who's been there and spent special times there. I'm getting sentimental remembering our time up there before you & Will were even dating...the silly poem I wrote about you two...climbing up the falls. Glad you could go and that Ella was fine with your mom! I was just talking to Kimberly & we were saying how fun it would be to go up there sometime together, all of us. I guess not this fall, but maybe soon....miss you and love you, and praying for you and Icee!

Mary said...

I will be praying for you and your family as the arrival of your new little blessing draws near.