Sunday, October 05, 2008


Caleb William arrived this morning at 9:06 am.
8 lbs. 15 oz.
22 inches
And soooo laid-back. Which is nice-so different from Ella's first day. He's cried enough to let us know that he's okay but other than that, he's been quiet. And what a champ at nursing! Also different than Ella. He latched on for one session for an hour! (switching sides in b/w)

More to come later about the actual birth story. We're all doing fine and Ella is adjusting to having a little baby brother. However, when she found out he was a boy, she said, "But I wanted a baby sister!" Maybe next time. Yet, she's already been showering him with kisses and telling him she loves him. So I suppose all will be well. :-)

Thank you all for your prayers!

And by the way, it's so hard to call him Caleb! We keep saying, "Icee!"


Emily said...

Jeff suggested I check for pictures and there they were!! Caleb is just beautiful!! (Caleb is a great name by the way; Jeff and I both like your choice!) You look fantastic and I love the sweet look on Willie's face in the last photo. So so so happy for you all...what a wonderful miracle!!

Erin said...

Woohoo!!!!! Can't wait to hear your birth story. Welcome little (big???) Caleb!

rcsnickers said...

Ah, wish I had thought to check here yesterday!!!! I figured you would be too busy to post! He is beautiful!! Great weight and long boy -- go figure! You look great! Love the name! :) Give him a kiss for us! Can't wait to hear the birth story. Rest and cuddle your bundle of joy!

Emily said...

I've been showing Benjamin pictures of the baby and he is fascinated! He keeps pointing and smiling. :)

Anonymous said...

born on my birthday!!!!! i am so happy for y'all!!!!!


Sarah said...

Congratulations!! He's so beautiful!!:)

~Sarah (Letisha's SIL)

rcsnickers said...

me too.... I keep coming to see his picture! Rachel is glad that Ella has a baby brother! She prayed the other night for you and her.

Forgot to tell you that! :)

rcsnickers said...

just noticed the paw on his hat.... too funny. okay, enough comments. We are admiring your bundle of joy! Soooo precious!!!!!

Elizabeth said...

Congratulations on your adorable, perfect little boy! One of each, how blessed you are! Enjoy and try to get some rest: hahaha. Love you!

mkhdz said...

Hey sis!! Caleb is beautiful!! I love all the pictures. I can't wait to see all of you, hopefully soon. Give Caleb a big kiss for me, and Ella too. You did great!! Love you,


Mary said...

Praise God for another little blessing. Praying for you all as you transition to a beautiful family of four! Congrats.

Stacy said...

Oh! He is sweet!