Saturday, October 25, 2008

Life With Two

I'm slowly adjusting to life with 2 kids-and I thought one was hard!
:-) It must have taken me 30 minutes longer just to get out the door with both of them the other day. I kept forgetting something one of us would need. Caleb went to Grandma's and Ella to Kimberly's so I could get a much needed trim and go grocery shopping. Of course, after the haircut I had to stop at Grandma's so Caleb could nurse before I went to the grocery store. But soon the day will come when I have to take them both with me on errands-and I suppose by God's grace, I will survive.

I can't believe our Little Man will be 3 weeks tomorrow! Time is already flying by. I'm feeling great now (no more walking w/my legs together-wahoo!) and wanting to get out more. Today, we all went to a nearby farm with my MOPS group for a hayride, lunch, and pumpkin-picking. I think Ella's favorite part was petting a bunny and Caleb's? Nursing, of course. As Ella says, "Caleb is growing, growing, growing 'cause he's nursing, nursing, nursing." :-)

Ella continues to be a help by bringing diapers, wipes, etc. to me when I need it and likes to comfort "her baby" by patting and kissing his head. In fact, though most toddlers have a baby doll to play with, mine has "Spotty dog." She diapers him, wipes him, nurses him, burps him, and has tummy time w/him, just as she sees me do with Caleb.

However, I have been crying out to God for help in dealing with Ella especially when she wakes up the baby by running into the room singing at the top of her lungs. Let's just say I don't win the mom-of-the-year award for my controlled response. My verse to memorize and most importantly utilize this week is Ephesians 4:32: Be kind and compassionate to one another, forgiving each other, just as in Christ God forgave you. I know I don't show Ella as much grace as God has shown and continues to show me and by His power I want to get better at that. Mainly I don't want to make mountains out of molehills-something I'm famous for. The next time she spills her juice, I'd like to not get aggravated and yell but just say, "It's okay, honey, that happens. Next time, please hold it with both hands." Please pray for me in this area. With me just completing my first week having them both by myself (Will was off the first week and my Mom came up the 2nd-such a blessing!), the hardest part was getting frustrated with Ella and therefore not enjoying the time with her as I should have.

She really is such a precious child. And I can't even tell you how much BIGGER she seems to me now that Caleb is here. Holding her in my arms now, I feel like I'm holding a 10-year-old. After giving her a bath the other night, I just kept exclaiming, "Ella, you're HUGE!" which made her laugh and laugh. But I was serious. When did her legs get so long, her hands and feet so big? She's growing up right before my eyes and I want to be right in the moment with her and not wish the time away, longing for peace and quiet.

And she's already had a big adjustment to make-no more Mommy's milk. She got her last official feeding the day before Caleb's birth. I had gotten her down to one morning feeding every other day but the week before his birth, she was doing one morning feeding every day (anything to get the baby out!). I'm so proud of her for realizing it's Caleb's turn now. She still has comfort in pinching my underarms and sucking her two fingers. :-)

As for Caleb, he's quite the grunter. He grunts in his sleep, while he's nursing, basically all the time. And poor thing is still getting so much milk as it's letting down that he can't keep up. He gulps and gulps with very loud swallows and then chokes and coughs. But he is gaining weight. We took him to get weighed at 9 days old and he was 9 lb, 5 oz. (He had lost down to 8 lb. 8 oz.) And we can just look at his tummy and tell he's doing okay. Oh, and he has sideburns-ever seen a baby with those? Our little Elvis man. He loves his Native Baby Carrier (thank you Letisha and Sarah!), his bouncy seat, and sleeping on his Daddy's chest. And he does sleep a lot; I forgot how much newborns sleep. Sometimes his feedings take an hour because he drifts in and out of sleep; I usually wake him by changing his diaper-those cold wipes sometimes do the trick. Speaking of diapers, we're on our 4th pack already-our man poops A LOT! I bought some cloth diapers (hemp-they're sooo soft) and I'm going to try those this next week and see how it goes.

And my favorite thing that he does and has done since his first day? Flash that beautiful smile-we call it his "sleepy smile;" others call them "gassy smiles." I know he is not yet smiling because of us, but it's no matter to me. I love to see it. And he's laughed in his sleep a few times too-sweet dreams, I suppose. He's had several baths now too and seems to love the water, just like his sister.

Thank you all for loving on us and praying for us.

Enjoy some of my favorite photos.


rcsnickers said...

Seriously I know exactly how you feel!!! I have felt it the worse after Johanna! My patience is so thin and my temper is embarrassing! My verse has been "Create in me a clean heart oh God and renew a right spirit within me." I will pray for you!!!! God will give you the grace. You are a wonderful wife and Mommy!

Love love love all the pictures and your haircut! Ella is growing so fast. I feel like my kids are going to grow up before I realize it!

By the way, our Caleb was a grunter too. In fact he grunted before his first cry at birth! :)

Thanks for the update! :)

Emily said...

He is SO precious!! I can't figure out who he looks like, you or Will! Thanks so much for posting pictures!
I really like your haircut...very cute and I'm sure lower maintenance. :)
Benjamin had sideburns when he was born, then lost them. And yes he was a little grunter too. Maybe it's a boy thing.
I don't know how moms handle more than one child when one of them is a newborn. I guess it does take a lot of relying on God's grace. I guess I'm about to find out what that's like...! I'll be praying for patience and grace for you.

Elizabeth said...

Thanks for posting! I can't imagine having a new born and 3 year old! What a challenge! I'll keep you in my prayers as always. I too love your haircut: looks great! Glad you got a tiny break to do it. Keep posting, miss you bunches!

Erin said...

Praying for you giving grace to Ella. It's hard on the big brothers/sisters with a new baby around. It does get better!

Oh the pictures are so nice. I love the one with Mom and Dad Kannon looking at Caleb!

And yes on the boy grunt thing! Isaiah was my grunter and he ate and ate and ate and ate. He used me like a pacifier too. Caleb will probably follow in big cousin Isaiah's footsteps and look like a Sumo-baby by 3 months old!

Anonymous said...

So glad to hear you depending on God's grace!! It spurs me on. I love hearing the details of what is going on and it's encouraging to hear about the MOPs group activity. Sounds like so much fun. I'm 13 weeks tomorrow. I need to tell you about my last appointment some time soon. I can't wait to see you and meet Caleb in person.
Sarah Grace

the voice of melody said...

Congratulations on the birth of Caleb! And try not to be too hard on yourself, although as women we all tend to do that. Continue to pray for wisdom and guidance and patience. That's something we can all use, whether we're a new mom or not. :)

Many sweet blessings!

Jennifer said...

Hi, Laura! Somehow I just now noticed the comment you posted more than a year ago on my blog post of my 2nd daughter's birth story. And what timing--now I can see you've just had another blessing of your own! It's always nice to "meet" other natural-minded Christian mommies.

Congratulations on your new baby! I know that the adjustment to 2 (and 3 now!) kids can be very difficult. Being a mom has definitely given me a deeper understanding of the depth of my depravity, and it sounds like you and I (and a host of other mothers) struggle with the same things. So many times I know I should be laying my sin at the cross of Jesus but instead find myself wallering in a feeling of personal defeat. All I can say (to both of us!) is to keep praying, keep trusting Him, and claim the power and grace of the Gospel for yourself every day.


Elise said...

So, are you all adjusted now? Life is a well-oiled machine? ;) It never ends, does it? It does get easier though, and I hope it has for you. I bet Caleb is such a big *little* man now!
Know that there is someone here in Utah who thinks of you and prays for you - enjoy your sweet little family!