Tuesday, September 05, 2006

First Steps!

Here I go! 

Yep, Ella took her first steps this afternoon. She was standing up playing w/a ball and when it fell, she took two steps forward to get it. I immediately went crazy of course-cheering her on, clapping, etc, and then took the ball and got a little bit away from her. She then took 5 steps towards me to get the ball again. So amazing to watch! And so cute-she's got such short legs and babies are so funny and awkward when they first start walking. She walked a little more then and tonight Will got her on the camcorder walking some more in the kitchen. In fact, we had a hard time getting her to sleep tonight-I think her mind is going a million miles a minute thinking all about this new thing she can do. Now she really can have some fun with her corn popper now that she can do more than just stand in one place and push it back and forth. :-) Posted by Picasa


Sib said...

That is sooo exciting!! First steps!! I'm glad you got it on video. Goodness, little Ella is growing up fast. -Em

Marna said...

Hooray for Ella! That is wonderful. There is nothing like watching your babies grow up and do their first little things like walking. I missed out on some of Dylans because I went back to work when he was 3 months old. That is why I am at home now, so I can watch all of them do those amazing little things they do. Love, Marna

Erin said...

Well it's about time! Woohoo! Just you wait... a few more weeks and she'll be toddling all over the place!