Monday, September 04, 2006

Latest news

Went to visit my folks a few weeks ago while Will went bowhunting (no luck unfortunately). Visited Marna, Marcelo and the kiddos and Ella greatly enjoyed her cousins and especially the pool. She started laughing as soon as I put her in. We also visited Little Granny and Papa George for a delicious lunch of baked spaghetti, fresh butterbeans, and homemade bread (yum, yum!). Ella ate tons! Spent one night with Me-Ma as well and they had a good time together. Ella was thrilled b/c Me-Ma let her play with the magazines on her coffee table! Walking update: Ella took her first step a little over a week ago-notice I said step-singular. She only put one foot out on her own and then stopped-she's done that several times since then. Oh, and her new favorite pasttime-pushing the kitchen chair around the parquet floor. So, I'm assuming walking is just around the corner. Food news-Ella now likes raspberries and is considering corn. Her favorite is still zucchini spaghetti. Oh, we finally took Ella to Sears for pics Saturday-1st time since she was 4 1/2 months old. Yay! Got some pretty good photos. And we finally got some patio furniture-Lowe's had items maked 75% off-so we got 4 good chairs (not plastic) and a plastic table for $25. Pretty good deal. Well, hope y'all enjoy your Labor Day!


Sib said...

Yay, glad you got that patio furniture you've been wanting. Sounds like a super deal! -Em

Marna said...

Hey Laura,

I really enjoyed our visit with Little Granny. That is a good picture of Kaitlyn and Granny. Are you going to send her one? She would love it! I almost bought one of those swings at Lowe's clearances but I didn't. I hope you enjoy yours. Love ya,