Saturday, September 23, 2006

Will finally decided to...

start his own blog-Yay! I'm excited for him-hopefully it will be a good way for him to meet some other hunters/fishermen to share stories, tips, etc. He's only got one post so far, but check it out-and leave a comment. He's eagerly awaiting his first one!
Also, Ella walked to her Daddy this morning w/her shoes held out-she wanted his help in putting them on-awww. As he was doing it he said, "I think these are a little tight on her." Well, it's b/c our girl has thick feet-but they're still short-her toes aren't anywhere near the top of the shoe so moving up to a 3 wouldn't work. I'm afraid she's going to have shoe problems like her Mommy. I hardly ever buy a new pair of shoes b/c it's too hard to get any that fit just right.

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