Sunday, October 01, 2006

15 months and counting!

Our precious girl turned 15 months old yesterday, yet she's still our little baby. It's hard to think of her as a toddler b/c even though she's doing plenty of toddling these days, she's still so tiny. To us, at least.

Well, it's official-Ella definitely likes corn on the cob and I have the pics to prove it. :-) In fact, she gets quite impatient when she has to wait for it to cool off. She threw a temper tantrum today while in her high chair-banging on it-etc. and crying b/c I wouldn't give it to her. I kept saying, "Hot, baby. Have to wait," but she didn't understand-she thought her Mommy was just being mean, I guess. Well, when she got it, she went to town on it-in fact, she kept biting it after there was nothing left. Sillly girl. I know it feels good on her teeth though-her 4th molar just started coming in, so that makes 12 teeth for Ella!

And more great news-our little biter has finally decided that books are not for chewing on and has decided that turning the pages is much more fun. What a relief-now I can actually read to her. It used to be such a chore b/c she could care less about the story or the pictures-she just wanted to get ahold of that book and bite away. Two of her favorites right now are "Moo, Baa, La La La" and "Hand, Hand, Fingers, Thumb." We both love reading to her-I usually read a story or two during the day, and Will takes over at bedtime before I nurse her.

Oh, and I think I broke my other pinky toe-I know, "What's up w/me, lately?" Will told me I HAVE TO go get some closed-toe slippers to wear around the house so this will stop happening. This time it was on a weight bench wheel and hurt even worse. I'm blaming my mom for my gracefulness. (sorry, mom). :-)
Well, that's our latest update-hope all of you are doing well!


Anonymous said...

Enjoyed reading about Ella and how she likes corn on the cob now. The pictures are so cute! Also glad she likes to listen to the stories now and not chew on her books. Printed out pictures to show to Cherie and Mother.


sarah said...

I can't believe how much Ella is growing! I'm so sorry to hear about your toes. I can only imagine how painful that would be. Any estimates on healing time? Glad to hear Ella likes reading books now!

Anonymous said...

So sorry about both are your toes -- not a fun thing. YAY! for Ella reading books. Hand hand Fingers thumb is one of our favorites. Actually we read it so much it fell apart. If you read it really fast it has an excellent rhythm. I cannot believe she is 15 months already! She is just too beautiful!


Laura said...

Thanks everyone for your comments. Mom, thank you for printing out pics to keep Granny and Cherie updated. Letisha, I love the rhythm of the hands book too. I like drumming w/my thumb on the pages as I read it to her. :-) And Sarah, great to hear from you! Hope teaching is going well. Re: toes' healing time-my left pinky toe is already feeling better so I'm hoping the right one will feel better in the next couple of weeks since i didn't break it afterall (see new post.) Love you!