Sunday, October 15, 2006

Many Firsts!

Ella has learned so much in the last couple of days. I've been teaching her some more signs lately, now that she has the milk sign learned. "Car" was introduced about a week ago, and Friday, she did it very energetically when she saw a car pass by as we were getting the mail. The sign is like you're driving a car-turning the steering wheel and she does it full-force; does that mean she's going to be a crazy driver? :-) Hopefully not. She's done it several times since then-Will was so pleased the first time he saw her do it. We've also been working on the "more" sign for a few weeks, and Saturday she began doing that while eating her lunch. Yay! It's much better than her cow sound.

She also puts out her hands for a hug now. I think what made her finally get it was seeing me act it out w/Daddy. "Daddy, give me a hug." And he would stretch his arms wide to embrace me. A couple of times like that and she was doing it herself. She also started walking backwards Friday-she thought that was really funny!

Amazing how quickly they absorb everything at this age-just like sponges. Kind of scary to. I'm trying desperately to erase "stupid" from my vocabulary. You know, like "Why won't that stupid trashcan stay closed?" Instead, "silly" is going in its place.

We also got our girl to eat scrambled eggs for the 1st time Sat. The trick was to dip them in salsa. :-) She was none the wiser. We've tried unsuccessfully many times b-4 now only to have her spit them right back out. And she tried oatmeal again this morning, though she's not too sure about it still.

P.S. Will got another deer! This time right behind our house and w/his bow.


Sib said...

I've heard about baby sign language. So it really works, huh? :)

Laura said...

You know, I was beginning to doubt it b/c she wasn't interested in it till about a week ago. Suddenly a little lightbulb came on and now she wants to know the sign for everything! That means I've got a lot of learning to do! :-)

sarah said...

Salsa and scrambled eggs? Who says babies are picky:)? The amazing part is that you figured it out - the sign that a mom truly knows her child!

Elizabeth said...

What an awesome mom you are! Congrats on getting the lightbulb, now you can add more and more signs. Sometimes those peg (little) pictures work really well: just simple pictures of what you're trying to sign. You're going to have one smart girl! I look forward to meeting her and having tea party/dress ups with her too. Girls are so much fun. Talk to you soon.

Laura said...

Liz-the pic thing sounds like a good idea-I'll have to check it out. I'm using the book "Sign w/your baby" right now by Joseph Garcia and although it does have good illustrations, there are no flashcards.
Sarah-yes, she can be quite picky-but you're definitely right-after spending 24/7 w/her for 15.5 months now, I'm finally starting to figure out all her fickle ways. :-)