Monday, October 02, 2006

Doctor and Horsies!

I decided to go to the doctor today b/c the right pinky toe was looking a bit strange. It wouldn't lay flat like the rest of my toes and looked like it had shrunk in size. I got x-rays and praise the Lord, I didn't break anything-apparently, I just stubbed them really good (especially the right pinky toe), and the toe looked so weird b/c the muscles were contracting as a result of the run-in w/the weight bench wheel. And I was seriously starting to make my self sick over the thought of it being dislocated and the doc having to pull/pop it back in place. (Sarah, I know you can relate here.) What a relief that didn't have to happen! And amazingly I felt much better just after going-silly isn't it? It's all a mind thing w/me I think. The whole time I was working myself up about it being dislocated and when I found out it wasn't, my toe suddenly felt lots better. My left pinky toe is doing better too now, but I do thank you all for your concern. Oh, and you'll be happy to know I got some cute pink slippers which I'm now wearing consistently around the house.

On a different note, we've discovered Ella loves merry-go-rounds. You know those miniature ones they have at stores that you put a quarter in? Well, we put Ella on one the other evening. I sat down on the floor of the thing to make sure she didn't let go of the horsie's handles, and when Will started it up, you would have thought he gave her the world. Her face lit up like the 4th of July. Seriously-she couldn't stop grinning and laughing. Around and around, she just kept giggling. It was sooooo adorable-I, of course, couldn't stop smiling either and wished we had a camera to capture it.


sarah said...

Such a cute story about Ella and her horse! I'm glad to hear your toes are okay! I have to admit that reading your entry made me a little queasy:). It's amazing how powerful the mind is!

Laura said...
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Lizard and Abbett said...

Dearest Laura,
Abbie and I are sitting on her couch, drinking coffee and viewing your precious daughter. She is so perfect and tiny. What a joy.

By the way, I know all kinds of exercises to perform after toe injuries...
Love ya
Elizabeth aka Lizard
Abbie aka Butterfly

Anonymous said...

Glad your pinky toes are okay!! Hate those mind games.

I love those slippers too -- I always treat myself to a new pair when I have a baby!!!

The horse ride at Wal-Mart is the only thing the kids know you have to have a quarter for. The rest they think they are really driving or shooting! Wish you did have a pic too!


Anonymous said...

Hey Laura, I am finally replying this is Sarah Stull - the other Sarah wasn't me, but I thought since you mentioned me I would comment. I do totally understand about the toe thing! Miss you and hope to talk to you soon!

Laura said...

Lizard and Abbett-I was thinking when I got the email notification of this comment-oh great, some crazy people have posted some spam comment on my blog-he-he, no, it was just lovely liz and abbie. How wonderful to hear from you guys! Thanks for checking out my blog. Exercises for toe injuries? Who knew? Should have thought of calling you when it happened! Thankfully, they're doing much better now.

Laura said...

Sarah (in Greenville!)
So happy I know now it's you commenting. Thanks for keeping up w/my life through my blog. I enjoyed looking at yours tonight for the first time!

Sarah Stull-okay, so now I know the difference, you'll be commenting as anonymous and the other Sarah won't-got it. :-)