Sunday, February 11, 2007

Liz's 30th B-Day Celebration!

Oh, what fun I had Saturday at Liz's party. I met Karanena (you're even more lovely in person!) and many other of Liz's friends. Plus, I got to spend time with Emmie, Abbie, and of course, Liz. I so enjoyed the girl talk after the party w/Liz and Abbie. Who knew that we could move from devotion topics to pregnancy tests in a matter of seconds? :-) If you ever do move to Florence, Liz, we'll be close behind. How much fun would that be?

Abbie planned a marvelous Fiesta party! It was a Mexican theme b/c Liz is going there w/Kris on a cruise in just a few short days. We had delicous tacos for lunch and then for games took a Mayan quiz with some interesting questions and multiple choice answers. Can you believe I actually won the prize for the most correct on that? Like I told Abbie, just lucky guesses. My prize? A Kalanchoe-or what I call a beautiful plant w/lovely pink flowers. :-)

Then we played hot peppers-like hot potato but w/a catch. If you were caught w/the hot peppers, you weren't out of the game, you just had to wear a dress-up item of Liz's choosing. What a silly and fun time-everyone was in stiches! Lastly, Liz broke the pinata-wow, she can swing and hit hard-Kris, you better watch out!

It was just such a fun and relaxing time for us-Will of couse loved it b/c he and Jim got to catch up and I enjoyed the girl time. Ella was entertained by all the other kids there and especially loved the adorable, little nook Mrs. Shumaker created where her old water heater used to be-how creative-we just love the idea. Ella wanted to keep climbing up and down the ladder, of course. And her favorite toy to play w/up there? Sam's cars...I keep telling Will he already has his little boy...

Liz, I wish you the bestest of birthdays on Valentine's Day-have lots of fun w/your hubby and eat some good chocolate! You're one of the few people I know who is truly beautiful inside and out. You remind me of Mama-ever so pretty and sweet-always cheerful and smiling. A true joy to be around. I love you!


Elizabeth said...

YOU ROCK! Great minds think alike as always! I checked your blog before I started on mine: we must have posted minutes apart! LOVE your pictures, and am so glad and thankful you were there. We're seriously considering Florence, how awesome would it be to both move there! Kris loved talking to William: he said he could definitely hang out with him. Thanks so much for posting these.

Nene said...

Laura, it was such a pleasure meeting you, too! I had no idea you were going to be there, so I was so excited when y'all walked in. I do wish I could have stayed longer to enjoy girl talk with you! I can't wait to meet again-hopefully Gracie will not be sick...she would have loved Ella!

And yes- everyone PLEASE move to Florence!! I would love to have more wonderful friends so close by! We would have so much fun!

Laura said...

Karanena-hope Gracie is all better soon-I know colds are no fun. And Liz-I hope yours completely goes away by your cruise.
Will loved talking to Kris too-I did as well. I can imagine us as the closest of neighbors....hopefully one day soon! :-)

mrs. s said...

Hi Laura! Thanks for commenting on my blog. :) You asked me a question about writing on vellum ... that is what I was writing on! There are two types of pens that I have used with great success on vellum - the Slick Writer from American Crafts. It's a great pen, made especially for writing on slick scrapbooking surfaces (like vellum). Also, I have used Sharpies before. There ar some Sharpies that are acid free and they also don't smear when you write with them. Gel pens and Zig writers just don't work (especially since I'm left handed and would have a huge smear by the time I was done). :)

Emily said...

Loved seeing the pictures! This past weekend was sooo much great to see everyone again! I wish we could have stayed longer...there's never enough time for girl talk and catching up, but I'm thankful for the time we had! Great party, so well planned, and couldn't have been done in honor of a more wonderful person!
(Karanena, just thought I'd tell you that you are the only person I know whose short hair Jeff actually likes...usually he hates short hair on women but he said yours looks sporty and it's time I told you he used to be a gay hairdresser before he was saved...kidding!!)