Thursday, February 01, 2007

Snow Day!

We woke up this morning to snow-yay!

But then it started raining and turned to an icy,slushy mess-boo!

So, Ella really didn't get to play in it, but Will did manage to build a tiny snowman and I decorated it. She was actually afraid to stand in it-I'm sure she was thinking, "Why is the grass white now, Mommy?"

It's funny, just yesterday I went to the library to get her some new books and saw one about snow, but I thought, "Well, she won't be seeing that anytime soon, no need to make her jealous." :-) Guess I should've gotten her some winter boots too, eh?


Nene said...

Snow!! How wonderful! Sure wish we had gotten a little...just cold rain around here.

Ella looked adorable all bundled up and her snowman was just the cutest!

Elizabeth said...

SNOW! Love the pictures! Thanks for posting them: you can feel the love and excitement.
Your house looks like a postcard! So beautiful. What a huge backyard! I can't imagine that much space: I'm so used to my small footage. Was the snowman in the front or back? too cute
Ella is precious in pink! Did she pick out Will's hat too???
Thanks so much for posting these!

Laura said...

Thanks, y'all! The snowman was in the back, and yes, Ella picked out Will's hat (one of her favorites). Our yard (3/4 acre) was really the selling point on us for the house when we got it 5 years ago. We just wish it had a little more inside room (1250 sq. ft) but at least we're not on top of our neighbors. :-)

Emily said...

Beautiful magical! Would have loved to see Ella's reaction. Cute snowman, even if he is just a baby one ;)