Sunday, January 27, 2008

The Business of Being Born

Have you heard about this film? Producer Ricki Lake made this documentary in order to emphasize a woman's right to make an informed choice about her birth. It shows many home births including Ricki's 2nd birth (her son Owen is now 6). Kudos to her for asking the hard questions, such as why the US is 2nd in infant mortality rate in the developed world?

The medical profession has convinced woman that they don't know how to birth. It's no longer thought of as an empowering experience. Everywhere else in the world, births are attended by midwives; why not here? I believe it's true that many times "medical decisions are made for monetary and legal reasons, not because they're good for the mother or the baby." That's why it's so important for every expectant mom to at least have a birthing plan written out. I'm so thankful for my natural birth at a birthing center (maybe by the time Ella's 3, I'll get around to posting my birth story!), and am planning on a home birth should I be blessed with another one.

I wish they were having a screening of this movie in my state-I'd go in a heartbeat.


Elizabeth said...

2 Posts in one day! I feel like its Christmas all over again!
Is there a midwife in Sumter? I know Laurance and Kimberly drove a ways, just curious.
By the way, I'm still praying for you and God's perfect timing.
Love you!

Emily said...

You really should post your birth story! :)

Laura said...
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Laura said...

Liz-the closest midwife is the one L&K used in St. Matthews-but I may just use the one I had before. She said if she wasn't too busy (depends on when my due date is and how many moms she has delivering in that same month), she'd be willing to come down for a home birth. The only pain will be all the visits in b/w. I may use Lisa (L&K's midwife) for those visits. Thank you for your prayers!

rcsnickers said...

Praying for your new little one as well. Would love to read Ella's birth story! Hope to see the documentary as well.

Thanks for the posts... I have missed reading more of your thoughts and life in your new place and bonus stuff from Ella! :)