Friday, January 11, 2008

Silly Songs

"Look, Marlo, Goodnight."
Ella says this to our dog as he walks beside her wagon-our faithful companion on our trips to the mailbox.
"See Marlo." "Goodnight." "New CD."

The CD is actually Laurie Berkner's, Victor Vito and we absolutely love it. Will thinks I enjoy it even more than Ella and he's probably right-it's a nice respite from BOZ and Frosty.
Goodnight is Ella's favorite, and a close second is Froggie Went a-Courtin.' She can do the "Uh-huh" parts very well. And I love dancing to it.

If you love silly songs and the guitar, you should check it out. You can hear a preview of all the songs on the CD if you scroll down on the Amazon page. Emmie, you've got to preview her Goldfish song. Laurie talks some in this song and I think she sounds like you (plus I can just see you making up a silly song like this!)

Other news-I went to my first MOPS meeting yesterday. This is one step in getting some much needed fellowship. It's hard to say much about "connecting" from just one meeting, but there are 2 more opportunities to get to know the ladies in a smaller group setting (Girl's Night Out and Mommy & Me Time) before the next official meeting, so I'm planning on going to those.

Thank you all for your prayers for a church family for us. We're still visiting and this Sunday plan to go to a Bible Fellowship class at one church we've visited several times. Please pray Ella will be willing to go to the nursery-she's been sitting w/us in church but for a small class, I know it would be best to be sans baby. Please pray she'll cooperate. I just cannot leave her bawling for me in a strange place. MOPS was doable only b/c Aunt Barbara is the childcare coordinator and took Ella-she still cried, but not as bad as she would have had I left her w/someone she didn't know.


Elizabeth said...

Yeah! A post from Laura!
I hope you enjoy your fellowship time and that Ella cooperates. Love you! Praying for you as always.

Mary said...

We LOVE Laurie Berkner. It is our after dinner music. We all dance and sing together. "Goldfish" and "Moon, Moon, Moon" are two of my favorites.
I know it is so tough looking for a church! We have moved 3 times over the past 8 years and God has faithfully supplied us with a church that feels like home each place we have been. I will be praying for your search and that your daughter will feel at home as well.

Natalie said...

Good luck with MOPS! My husband's boss keeps telling me to call his wife because she leads a MOPS group, but they live over an hour away and that just makes it seem like a chore.

Emily said...

Cute CD! I do love the Goldfish song. "...and they washed their beards!" I also like "White Coral Bells." Elizabeth and I used to sing that in the car when we were little. :)
I hope the church hunt is going well. We're praying for you!

Elise said...

I'm praying for your church hunt- it's so important, and I pray that He will guide you and bring you peace.
Thanks for sharing the *cuteness* that is Ella! :)