Sunday, January 21, 2007

Interesting Little People

Yes, that's my underwear Ella is trying on...
So, the other night Will and I were rehashing the day's events and he said, "Babies are such interesting little people." Ah, indeed. Shall I explain?

First of all, we were laughing at how Ella understands so much at her young age. We asked her to shut the door to the BR as we were both resting in bed still and didn't want her wandering around the house by herself. She walked up to the door, then hesitated. We could see her thinking-"Hmmm, if I shut this door, that means I can't get out since I can't reach the door knob yet. But Mommy and Daddy told me to shut it and I should obey. But I really don't like feeling trapped in one room.....and on and on, we could see those wheels turning. Finally she decided to shut it. Whew! Hard decision.

Ella also wants us to kiss her boo-boos and lately has a new way of getting extra kisses. If she hurts her foot for example, she'll do the hurt sign, and I'll kiss her foot. She'll smile b/c it's all better now, but then she'll start pointing to other places she wants me to kiss (tummy, head, head again but a different spot, etc). It's hilarious!

And she's a very determined little girl. She pulls, inches her way up, grabs hold of anything and everything to get to the top (of the bed, of the chair, etc). She doesn't let her small stature deter her one bit. And oh how proud she is of herself when she makes it! Lately, her greatest feat is climbing onto our bed and immediately reaching over to the nightstand to turn on the radio on Daddy's alarm clock.
Music comes on...she starts dancing.
She gets tired of it and turns it off.
Decides to dance again and turns it on.
Song goes off and people start talking.
BORING-it goes off.
And on and on it goes until Mommy decides it's time for a new activity.

She can be so intense too-just give her some crayons and watch as she gets very, very close to the page and makes her mark just so. She looks up at me and beams and then leans down again to get oh so close to make another mark. Too cute.

And, give her a new book or one she hasn't read in awhile, and she'll go off to her own corner and sit down and turn all the pages, soaking it all in. The other day she was "reading" The Monster at the End of the Book. On the last page Grover puts his hands on his head and says, "I'm so embarrassed." She proceeded to mimic the look then and later at the dinner table. What fun babies are!

And of course she loves playing peek-a-boo. Will recently got me some roses just b/c (isn't he sweet?) and Ella and I have been playing our game-poking our head around the vase. It never fails to bring a smile to her face. Oh, and I have a sad note to report...especially for dear Emily. Ella no longer puts her hands straight out for "bunny" anymore. She balls up her hands and put them under her chin now...but she still makes the cutest biting face.

Today Ella had a play date w/John Michael (sorry no pics)-they did well together-still parallel play but they were pretty good about sharing and it made me so happy to see a baby that wasn't bigger than Ella and wouldn't bowl her over (of course, he's 6 months younger, so....) The girl/mom time w/Cil was definitely needed and much appreciated. Sometimes I wonder, "Does any other baby do this?" It's nice to know they do. However, I'm not sure if any other baby has a fetish w/her Mommy's underarms while nursing. Ella's had this for several months...she loves to pick or pinch away at them while nursing-and the other hand is usually holding a book we've just read together-crazy, right? This child has to have both hands occupied at all times. When I'm not around to pinch, she sucks her fingers w/one hand and pinches at her neck w/the other. VERY interesting baby.
Anywho, back to the play date. This was the first time I've seen Cil since she told me she was expecting again-she looks great-19 weeks along and you can barely tell she's expecting. Ah, to have that problem. :-) (I was already doing the rubber band thing w/the button of my jeans at 13 weeks!)

So, now you're updated on Boosie's latest antics. I'm sorry I haven't posted in awhile-thus, why you're reading such a long post-I couldn't log on to Blogger. I tried all the help tricks, nothing worked. Then I remembered I had deleted Internet Explorer 7 and gone back to the old version b/c the new one was getting on my nerves. Turns out, I have to have the new one to access my account. So, back on it went. I'm just thankful God allowed us to figure it out-it was hurting me not to be able to post anything. Writing posts and receiving comments is very therapeutic, you know.

B/T/W, I'm getting extremely excited about our upcoming bed and breakfast getaway. It's less than a week away. Yippee!


rcsnickers said...

Yay!! I jumped over here as fast as I could when I got your comment that you finally posted! Sorry blogger gave you trouble. I remember it gave me trouble when I first went with Beta. I could not post pictures for like a week. I had to keep signing in.

Anyway, what cute things Ella does! She must keep you in stitches. She has a really great outgoing, gentle character. Can only imagine how sweet your next one will be. Hope you have a relaxing time at the Bed and Breakfast! Oh I would love that!


Erin said...
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Emily said...

Yay...glad you figured out what was wrong! I was suffering Laura withdrawal! You put a smile on my face reading about Ella's antics. What a cutie. I'm really looking forward to seeing you later in Feb. and maybe learning some new Ella tricks that will make Jeff and I laugh for the next month :)
So happy you get your weekend will be so relaxing and fun!!

Emily said...

B/t/w Will was the same way with his hands...he'd pull a nice big clump of mine or Chuck's hair, and ball that up with one hand while he sucked his thumb on the other! Always had to have those hands busy! Sounds like Ella is much gentler, though, lol :)

Laura said...

Letisha-thanks-we're hoping it will be a relaxing time-and yes, she does keep us laughing most of the time-exasperated at other times, but oh well. :-)


Emmie-what a crazy Daddy Ella has-pulling people's hair out and holding it for comfort! Thankfully, she hasn't tried that one yet!
So glad to put a smile on your face-reading yours does the same for me! :-)

Elizabeth said...

Yay! I'm so glad to have my Laura fix! I was beginning to wonder if you had morning sicknes...
Its so nice to hear all about Ella. She is so precious, and growing up so fast. Glad you get your grown up time too. I really look forward to your blogs: even if there are no pictures. You are an excellent writer: so much feeling in your words. Keep it up: we all love it!
I'm so glad you resolved your issues with blogger. We've all had them. I forgot my password once, and had the darndest time logging on. Now it never asks me for it, go figure. Love ya, Good luck next weekend! (read my blog for Emily's advice on how to get pregnant: its hilarious!)

Anonymous said...

Hey Laura! This is Laura #2!! I have been trying to email you but I must have your old email address b/c they all come back undeliverable. Can you send me an email at Ella is soooo cute! She looks a lot taller than she did just 6 weeks ago. I love the door-shutting story!

Laura said...

Liz-you're so sweet. I read other people's blogs and think, "Wow-they worded that so well-I can't write worth nuthin'."

I did read all that pregnancy advice-I think I might try the milk and honey bath (and of course let Will feed me grapes while while I think plenteous thoughts-too funny), but I'm not quite up for the cones and spikes yet.

Nene said...

So cute!! Maybe Ella is telling you she's ready for big girl underwear in the pictures! No more diapers, can you even imagine that day??

Gracie and Ella are doing so many of the same things...I love to watch those wheels turning, too. The expressions are priceless when they are deep in thought!

Your weekend away sounds wonderful! B&B's are the best. Hope y'all have a wonderful time!

Laura said...

Karanena-thanks...I'm hoping to really soak up the time away. And boy do I ever wish she was ready for real underwear. She has a potty chair but she's yet to use it. She'll sit on it but nothing happens. :-)