Friday, January 12, 2007


Weighed Ella yesterday and she was 21 lbs! I'm thrilled that the new plan worked. Here's Ella's new phrase for the week:

"Doy, Doy, Dat."

Sometimes, she adds an extra "Dat." You should try saying it; it's fun and relieves stress. :-)
Some others she's had for awhile, "Bap!" and "Fu-bah." Now, if we could just figure out what they all mean.


rcsnickers said...

Well it sounds like "enjoy that" but that is what I hear when saying it together really fast. At least she has signs for you to understand the main stuff she is trying to express.


Laura said...

funny, I thought the same thing. Only thing is she isn't saying it at an appropriate "enjoy that" time, just when she's walking around the house, etc. But then again, maybe she just really loves walking. :-)

Emily said...

...with her hands behind her back. :) You're right, it does relieve stress!

Elizabeth said...

Definite stress reliever: I'm definitely going to pass this information along to my geriatric patients: doy doy dat dat (I like the extra dat)

I've been having fun doing something else this week, and I'd love your help coming up with a list of hilarious names for Emily and Abbie as they go through the naming process(and you soon...) such as Dorkus Gray, Notso Strong, etc hehehe: Let me know what you think

Laura said...

yay-glad y'all agree about it being a stress reliever. Will and I both find ourselves saying it all the time. Of course, Ella loves that.
LOVE your baby names, Liz. Unfortunately, my brain is fried right now-I need to go to bed. But if I think of any, I'll let you know. :-)

Elizabeth said...

Checked out the website you recommended: Sound Wonderful! I want to go too!
How fun for you all the siblings to be having babies in 07 (except Charles: although if he acts fast, there might be time...)
If you have another child like Ella, how can you go wrong! She is so precious and smart too.
On a funny note, I have a friend at work that has a little girl that reminds me of Ella (she is truly brilliant too), and someone asked her if she was going to have more and her response left me in stitches:
She said, "what if my child was going to be the scientist that cures cancer or saves the world from pollution, but I go and have another child and she doesn't even finish high school!"
Thought you might get a chuckle: although I'm sure wondermom can handle two. I'll just make you a longer cape and a second set of bracelets...