Saturday, January 20, 2007


Have I told you about Ella's Stevie Wonder impersonation? For whatever reason, while she's eating in her highchair, she'll close her eyes and move her head back and forth to some beat heard only to her. It's quite cute to watch.

Well, we finally got our carpets cleaned-we've never done the entire house until now-(only did the den and hallway before Ella was born), so it was definitely needed. The only sad thing is that even the professionals couldn't get the slushy spill out. It's a lighter pink now and covered by the recliner, but unfortunately, it's still there. We've since learned our lesson about drinking slushies in the den when Ella is anywhere around.

Oh, and Will got a couple new things from Cabelas; a new deer target which Ella is completely fascinated with, and an infant/toddler life jacket that actually fits Ella. The other one was a quick pick-up from Walmart on our way to the lake. It was actually made for babies 30lb. and up, so we found this one on the Cabelas site. It's made so that babies stay facing up in the water, and it has a handle to quickly yank the baby out in case she falls in. Makes me feel safer about going to the lake.

I decided my blog needed a new look-I'm one of those people that can only stand things to be the same for so long, and then I have to change something! I recently changed our den furniture around, and both Will & I love the new arrangement. He can stretch out on the couch and I can lean back in the recliner. For some reason, we never used the recliner where it was positioned before.

Hope you enjoy the new pics. Have a wonderful Saturday, everyone.


Elizabeth said...

LOVE the new layout: I am the same way! I've been wanting to change mine soon too! Love the new pictures: her hair is growing huh! She has such a beautiful face and spirit...Thanks for the pictures!

Emily said...

Love the new look! Having trouble seeing the pics...probably just the slow internet tonight. Glad you got carpets cleaned and furniture arranged how you want it. It makes me feel like Superwoman when everything's fresh and shiny. :)

Reesh said...

Ella is the cutest baby ever!! Thanks for your comment on my blog and for digging thru my archives to read my birth story!! I can't wait til you post Ella's birth story so I can read all about it!!

rcsnickers said...

off topic:

Emily-- slow internet huh? okay, I am connected at 26.4K How slow is DSL slow? I will be patient and wait for it to totally download to see.

Love the new layout. Love your profile description. True.


Nene said...

I love your new layout and the pictures are adorable! Stevie Wonder, huh? How cute!!

I did have a charm necklace like the one Ella is wearing in the picture! It makes me wonder if I still have mine packed away somewhere!!

Laura said...

Thanks everyone-glad you like the new layout as much as I do.

Liz-yes, I think her hair is growing a tiny bit-can't wait till I can put bows in it! :-)

Em-I agree; it does make me feel good to know the house is cleaned-I've been working on that-trying to pick up everyday, so it doesn't ever get completely disgusting!

Reesh-thanks so much for stopping by. I'm working on my birth story now-hopefully it'll be posted by the end of January-only 19 months late!

Letisha-I'm going to post another one soon w/no slide show-just loading a couple pics the old fashioned way-just for you! :-)

Karanena-someone else w/a charm necklace-yay! I was beginning to think I was the only one. Hope you can find yours!

rcsnickers said...

Oh, Laura! I may have a slow connections, but I am learning patience with it. I look forward to making slide shows of my own some day!

Question: different topic. I am writing here since you might not see it on Emily's blog. But do you REALLY run 30-45 minutes every day? No wonder you look great!


rcsnickers said...

oh my lucky lucky day! I had both slide shows going at the same time! I really do like those slide shows. What a great way to show a lot of pictures. Man, I could sit and just watch it over and over and over again!

My favorite is her ready to go with the bunny slippers, pink headband and a pillow door hanger for a purse? Such a doll! Next is the as you can plainly see! Love that book!

So please keep the slide shows, don't go old fashion just for me. Thanks though.

We were supposed to have DSL available to us last Jan so I wonder when this year it will be up and running for us!

Can't wait.

sorry this is long...


Laura said...

Letisha-wow, both slide shows running at the same time--yay! So glad you were able to see them. Yes, isn't Dr. Seuss wonderful? I love the small board books b/c I don't have to worry about her tearing the pages.

Re: exercise-I did 5-6 days a week when trying to lose the baby weight (have I mentioned I gained 45lbs?!!!). Now, I do 3-4 days a week for maintanance. Sometimes I run 30 min, walk for 15, sometimes mix it up (walk 10-run 10-walk 10 etc.) I do 3 miles, so however long it takes me to get to 3 miles is what I try to do. If I'm having a good day (running a lot), I reach my goal more quickly, obviously.
But remember, I only have 1 child-not 4 like you, so I have a little bit more time to get exercise in. Sometimes, it still doesn't happen until Ella's asleep though-it just depends. I'd love to work out first thing in the morning-that's what I did b-4 Ella came along- but now I have to nurse first or else it's just to uncomfortable to run-know what I mean?
Exercise is a sanity issue for me-if I don't do it often, I get mentally, emotionally, physically, and spiritually down and very cranky.

rcsnickers said...

mean oh blogger just lost my comment. Hope it works this time!

I know what you mean. When I was doing Tae Bo I felt really great phycially and mentally. When I got my wisdom teeth pulled I stopped doing it. I have not been able to get back into the routine. Why are some things easier to keep as a routine and other stuff not.


sarah said...

I love your new look! Your profile is inspiring and challenging - great pair! Ella is as cute as ever! Thanks for being such a faithful archiver of your life:).

Laura said...

Letisha-Tae Bo-I'm impressed-I finally tried that a few weeks ago, and I was sore for 3 days afterwards. I've been telling myself I need to do it again...

Sarah-thank you for faithfully keeping up w/my life. :-) I hope we can get together soon.

rcsnickers said...

It took me about a month to do tae bo without falling over on one leg while kicking the other leg! I am sure I will have to regain my strength and learn it all over again.

Hey, did you guys get any snow last week or the last night?


Elise said...

Your ramblings are very sweet - and very real! I love the Stevie Wonder impression story!
I just wanted you to know that I answered your question in my latest blog post - I can't remember if I contacted you and told you I would already - I'm losing brain cells as we speak