Sunday, January 14, 2007

Wonderful Day

Will, Ella, and I had a marvelous time yesterday. Went to the lake to take Will's boat out for awhile. It was Ella's first time in a boat-she didn't quite know what to think while we were going fast, but when we stopped in a cove for a fishing/nursing break, she started to enjoy it more. She pointed out all the leaves floating in the water ("Dah!" "Dah! "Dah!), and enjoyed her first fishing lesson from Will. After the boat ride, Ella had a blast at the small park near the boat landing. She went down all the slides all by herself-even the tall, curvy one! Of course we were waiting to catch her at the end. She cried when we left and waved bye-bye to them-so pitiful. We're definitely going to have to get her a play set soon. We want a wood one but they're quite expensive, so Will's planning on building her a small one instead.

The greatest thing was just being on a nature outing w/my family. We really need to do things like this at least once a month-it's so refreshing for all of us.

Thanks to Chuck, I know a new way of posting lots of pics at once; enjoy the slide show!


Elizabeth said...

OK, I LOVED the slide show! So many comments to make, so little time!
1. How precious is Ella! She's getting so much bigger than when I saw her in the fall! We love going out on a boat and being part of nature too: recharging to be sure.
2. First pictures I've seen of her nursery: the perfect yellow and her name: too cute!.
3. How clean your house is! No way my floors are that clean (sometimes I see something move out the corner of my eye and its a dust bunny, no kidding)
4. Did you make the Red Lobster biscuits? How'd they turn out?
5. The floors in your kitchen are beautiful: you could just match the tones to the wood linoleum and it would be fine: its much easier to clean than carpet, but you end up needing rugs that you have to vacuum anyway. But it is easy on the alergies. But agian, your carpet looks so clean, why change it!
6. Do you remember Ruth and Kent's swing set: it was blown over by a very stong wind and hasn't been the same since: it doesn't feel all that stable, ,so its good Will is making one for her.
7. Do you play the piano much? Have you taught Ella to roll her fists for see the birdie in the tree?
8. Loved the pictures! Keep up the good work! Love your blog.

Laura said...

Thank you for your ever so kind remarks, Liz. :-)

My house really isn't all that clean-just happened to be picked up in those pics. I actually dusted today for the first time in quite awhile and was AMAZED at all the places those dust bunnies like to hide. On walls-way up at the top-on door ledges, etc. I used 6 or 7 of the swiffer duster things-crazy! Now I just have to vacuum-another task I hate.

Glad you liked the nursery-we wanted to do something in primary colors-her bedding has lots of red in it-ladybugs, etc. Will painted her letters w/ladybugs and snails.

Actually the biscuits cooking were just plain old biscuits for breakfast-but tonight I'm tyring out your recipe w/a chicken dinner. Yum-I'll let you know how it turns out.

Re: carpet-we think we are going to keep it this way for now-just to save on money. We figure we'll build our next house and get it the way we want it. Of course, who knows how long that will be in the future.

So sad to hear about Ruth's swing set-yes, I remember it-Ella used the swing b-4 we left and loved it.

I play the piano maybe once or twice a week-Ella sits on my lap for a little while and listens or bangs away, but eventually she gets tired of it and wants to get down and play. Sometimes we'll have a family sing-along in the evening, and Will might even join us on his guitar. Again, she's not too patient-she lasts for about 2 or 3 songs. :-) Haven't taught her the birdie thing yet-thanks for reminding me-I'm sure she'll like that.

rcsnickers said...

been trying to see your slideslow, but slow dialup is not doing it! urgggg, Can't wait to see them.


Laura said...

sorry, Letisha-didn't think about how slides would be hard to see for dial-up users. I know the feeling-we had it for years!

Elise said...

What a precious little girl! Aren't they wonderful?
I, too, love the nursery - it's adorable!
I came over from rcsnickers - thank you for the link!

Emily said...

Loved these pictures! So Ella is learning to fish already :) She's such a cutie...I love the serious pic where she's looking right at the camera with those big blue eyes. Thanks for sharing these. She is growing so fast...Will's hat looks almost normal on her!! I love that she waved "bye-bye" to the slides. Sounds like she's a little thrill seeker!

Emily said...

B/t/w, Ella looks like a little version of you in the first pic (in Dad's hat)!

rcsnickers said...

yay my lucky day! I got to some of it at least. First it showed your phrases then again with pictures.

So, yes,I too love Ella's room. Your house looks very clean and cozy. Love the biscuits cooking picture. Sw eet piocture of her fishing with Will. Will try again tonight to view the rest.

Can I say you have one beautiful, adorable, happy little girl!


rcsnickers said...

oh yeah, is her quilt hand quilted? Good idea on the discreet nursing picture.


Laura said...

Elise-thanks for stopping by-glad you enjoyed the pics/nursery.

Letisha-so glad you were finally able to see the pics! :-) No, the quilt was bought, unfortunately-remember, I don't know how to do anything like quilt, sew, or knit...but wouldn't mind learning (at least the quilting, knitting-tried the sewing thing in college remember-didn't go so well).

Emily-really, you think Ella looks like me in that hat one? Ah, that makes me feel so special; most days I just see "Little Willie" staring back at me. :-)