Friday, April 11, 2008

First Mud Puddle

This was Ella's first time playing in a mud puddle. We just got these boots for her; they're a size too big but no matter to her. She had a ball! By the time she came inside, her pants were actually falling off of her they were so wet, and she had a good 2 inches of water in her boots. But, of course, she wanted to go out again after her bath.

It wasn't really cold that day, but she wanted to wear the hat and mittens-go figure. :-)


Amy said...

Too cute, Laura! Looks like she had a blast.

I really AM going to call you back. I pulled out the phone to do it the other night but realized that the number you called me from is different from the #s I have for you in my phone, so I would have only been guessing as to which received call # was you. It was 10 p.m. and I didn't want to call anyone incorrectly.

Could you email me the right # and I'll change my contact information for you?

Happy Friday! Love, Amy

rcsnickers said...

Well I love the hat and mittens. Looks like she had a blast. Sure is a huge clean up though huh? Wet clothes, baths, and back out again... uh next year maybe! :)

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