Friday, April 18, 2008

Those Cravings!

Monday night, Will came in from work and met his salivating wife. "I have to go to Olive Garden tonight!"
"That's an hour away!"
"I know, but I've been looking all day at this coupon w/their new meal-Five Cheese Stuffed Rigatoni With Shrimp-and I just have to have it."
Let me tell you, food advertisements really work for pregnant women!

He's still amazed as we head out-"you're really going to drive that far?"
And turns out, we can make it in about 48 min.

Well, we get there and I suddenly don't know if I want the Shrimp Rigatoni. My usual favorite, Chicken Alfredo suddenly sounds so delicious. What to do? Well, you get both obviously! After all, pregnant women have some leeway. I knew I couldn't eat it all, but also knew Ella and I would have a great lunch the next day.

While I stuff my face w/food-I just can't get enough-Will just smiles, especially when I tell him he's made Baby Icee very happy.
And truly it's the most content I've felt in awhile.

Olive Garden is my favorite restaurant and yet b/c of the drive, we don't get there very often. Even where we used to live, it was a good 40 min. away. So anytime I'm there, especially when I'm pregnant and have been craving it all day, I have a very good time! And can I just say, we can't understand why there's not one in every town. I mean, they're always crowded; it's not like they wouldn't make money if they decided to build one here. Maybe one of these days, we'll move to a town where there is one. (My favorite restaurant for casual fare would be Chick-Fil-A, just in case you're wondering. And that gets hit a lot more often, like once a week!)

I have to admit I felt like quite the hog as our waitress brought out my two huge plates of food. And of course after loading up on their delicious salad and breadsticks, I did have lots to take home.

But don't worry-it all got eaten the very next day! Ella and I enjoyed it for breakfast and lunch! And in case you're wondering, yes! the Shrimp Rigatoni is delicious!


rcsnickers said...

I am impressed! He drove you all the way to satisfy your craving? I have never experienced a craving like that! I so love their salad and bread sticks. Chik fil a? Seriously, you go once a week? OH I only wish....

I am guessing a boy for ya! Did you crave like this with Ella?

Erin said...

I miss Olive Garden! Mmm. Salad, breadsticks, etc.

FYI... ChickFilA has MSG in every single menu item except for the potatoes.

I craved oranges, pineapples, and green mangoes.