Saturday, April 05, 2008


We woke up rejoicing today because it's Saturday and Daddy is still here (and not out hunting). This means he's making breakfast. Yum!

So, I ask, "Ella, do you want to have French toast for breakfast?"
Milkie-milk drink first, then French toast.
She begins nursing and then props herself up.
Listen, have a secret for you.
She leans in very close to my face.
Do it byself when 3 or 4.
"You'll make French toast by yourself when you're 3 or 4?"
She nods.
She goes back to nursing and then pops her head up one more time.
Or 5.

Daddy is explaining that in a little over 3 months Ella will turn 3.
Wanna be 3, no.
Wanna be 4.
Then 3.
Then 5.

"Remember, Ella, how we count, 1,2,3,4...see you have to be 3 first then 4."
No! 4 then 3.
"It doesn't work like that, Ella."
Let's check.

And, now, for one of Ella's frequently used words.
"Last night" is not in her vocabulary.
It's always, "Daddy did that yesternight," etc.
It's amazing to me that she came up with that; Will nor I use the word.
As it turns out, she's just kin to Shakespeare.
And how can you correct her?
It's in the dictionary, along w/yestermorning and yesterevening.
And in the Bible too (Gen. 19:34).
So, why don't you try out this "new" word today and see how many funny looks you get?

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Emily said...

So sweet!! Thank you for sharing the precious things Ella says! I can't believe she's going to be 3...such a big girl! Miss y'all so much and looking forward to seeing you next week. :)