Friday, April 25, 2008

Little Mama

We had a wonderful time w/Em, Jeff, and Benjamin last weekend. Ella just doted on Little Jeffrey Benjamin the whole time; she was truly like a 2nd mama to him. She kept offering him his water bottle, even when he had his paci in his mouth. I'm not sure whether to be excited about this or not. On the one hand, it seems she'll be a good helper when Icee comes, but on the other hand she might try to help too much. I finally had to explain to her that when the baby is finally quiet, you leave him alone! :-)

Ella informed me yesterday that when the baby comes, she'll be the mommy and I'll be the big sister! She already tries to nurse her stuffed animals, so I guess she figures she can nurse the baby too.

And for those of you I haven't told yet, Ella is quite convinced there are AT LEAST 2 babies inside my tummy. Soon after she named the baby Icee, Will asked her if she wanted a brother or sister and she said, "Brother AND sister." The other one's name is Bulldozer and that one's a girl.

So, the other day, when Ella was nursing, I reminded her that when Icee pops out, he'll need lots of milk too. She said, "Icee gets this side, Ella gets this side, Bulldozer waits."
Hmm, somehow I don't think Bulldozer will like that.

Oh, and Will took Ella out fishing again and they caught some more bream and crappie. This time he took the camera.

Enjoy the pics!


rcsnickers said...

She says just the sweetest things! Wow, is Benjamin getting big! Glad you guys had a wonderful visit with them!

So now I know what a crappie looks like! The sugar creek gang boys have caught a few crappies lately and I have never seen one before. Is it the second picture? Peacock will be excited to see it!

Mary said...

Sounds like Ella will be a great little helper with her new brother or sister!

Elizabeth said...

Ella is so precious! I love the pictures of her fishing.
Is it the angle of the camera or is Benjamin almost the same size as Ella??? Wow!
Missed you! Thanks for the posts!

Martie said...

Sounds like life will be interesting with the new one or one's.


Stacy said...

I love it that your little Ella is so nurturing and sweet! :) She'll be a GREAT big sister! :)


Laura said...

Letisha, yes, it's the 2nd pic.
Liz, well, I think it's partly the pic but Benjamin is big. He's close to 20 lbs now and Ella is only 25 on a good day. :-)