Thursday, November 02, 2006

The Cutest Pumpkin!

Ella had a good time on Halloween. We went to our church's Harvest Festival first and then to a couple of houses in our neighborhood. At the festival they had a place set up just for preschoolers where they could go from room to room playing simple games and earning candy. Ella was too young for most of the games but that didn't stop her from breaking free from us, cutting in line, and going in any order she chose to see what was happening. Curious George! Of course, we caught her and explained she had to wait her turn-yeah, right. So, we just skipped ahead to the last rooms where no one was at yet and let her "play games," get some candy, and then we moved on. We later returned so Ella could get a balloon-she was so excited about that!

Outside they had bounces set up-yay! They had ones where you bounce and then have to go down a slide to exit-those were her favorite. She always started laughing when we were about to slide down. Then, of course, there was the big slide, and we did that one several times-I think she could have stayed on it all night! They also had yummy chili dogs, chips, and tea for supper which we all enjoyed.

By the time we got home it was 8:30 and Ella was tired, so we just stopped at 2 houses in our neighborhood. One had asked us to come by so they could see Ella dressed up, and Ella was thrilled at another chance to see Okie (their dog). Then we stopped by some good friends of ours and hung out for a little bit. Ella had a blast going through their huge basket of candy and picking out pieces to put in her pumpkin basket. Unfortunately for me, she didn't pick any Nestle Crunch bars, but Daddy was happy she chose some bite-sized Twizzlers.

Hope you enjoy the pics!


Sarah said...

Such a cute costume! Ella is adorable as always. Glad EVERYONE had such a good time!

Elizabeth said...

Great minds think alot huh: your pumpkin is ADORABLE!