Thursday, November 30, 2006

Happy 17 months, Ella!

Ella is 17 months today! WOW!
Here are a variety of pics I've taken over the last month and haven't shared yet. We had a fashion show one night to let her model some summer clothes before I stored them. These outifts are actually hand-me-downs from my childhood (and thus my sisters' childhood as I inherited their clothes). Love the pose she has in the red dress.

A couple w/her cute pink headband and a few doing her "Englishman" look as Dad Kannon calls it. For some unknown reason, she prefers at times to walk around w/her hands behind her back.

One day while I was typing on the computer and Ella was playing in the office, I heard a grunt. I turned around to see Ella stuck in this box. I couldn't resist taking a pic before getting her out.

And the suprised look while reading the book? Well, the next to the last page of "The Very Hungry Caterpillar" says "He built a small house, called a coccoon, around himself. He stayed inside for more than two weeks. Then he nibbled a hole in the cocoon, pushed his way out and...(turn the page) he was a beautiful butterfly!" I always read that last page w/great wonder, so now when she turns to it, she opens her mouth wide!

This is what Ella does almost every time we play w/her blocks. She puts one in her mouth and then offers me one to place in mine. We make quite the pair.


rcsnickers said...

Oh I wish we lived closer and could talk and play together! She is beautiful in every picture! Love the walk with hands behind her back...too funny!


oh yeah, do you scrapbook? It looked like nice photo albums in your study (Ella in the box picture).

Laura said...

I do too-we'd have lots of fun! Technically, yes, I do scrapbook. Have I had time to do it lately? Unfortunately no. I think Ella has 2 baby pages done-but at least her online scrapbook (this blog) is more up to date. :-)

rcsnickers said...

Well I am glad you keep your online scrapbook for all of us to see!

Tis true, tis true! I would love to scrapbook but do not have the materials for it. I do have a photo album which is fille until Rachel's birth! Oh I have way to much to catch up on. Thankfully, now I have the blog which is my journal/photo album.

Now if we could only get Laurance and Kimberly to blog! You'd have your whole family online!


Elizabeth said...

I love that she could wear your old clothes! I saved a bunch of my favorite things in my hope chest, and this fall went through them and they were all stained by some mysterious brown stain: I had to get rid of all of them!
The walk is hilarious: does Will do it? How did she learn it? She is so precious: I know I say that alot, but SHE IS! I love your album: don't worry about the scrapping, I only do it every winter, summer is always too busy, and I have no reason not to be all caught up, and have SO MUCH to do.

Sib said...

Ella is going to be a funny adult. She's already a funny baby! She's got her own little sense of self-possessed humor...her own little way of doing things. I love her "Englishman pose!"

Letisha, I've often wished L&K would blog, but the reason they don't is the sloooow dial-up connection at takes them an hour just to check email! I hear they're updating the system at Sumter Christian though so maybe they'll be online soon. :)

Laura said...

no, neither Will or I do that walk-she just started doing it several months ago. Sorry to hear about your hope chest items. :-(
I do treasure the 3 outfits I have-my dad sold/gave away everything else of ours (toys included) at a yard sale and I wasn't told about it until later. All he had to do was call and say "Come get this stuff," and I would have gladly. Needless to say, I wasn't very happy. I still sometimes scour Ebay hoping to buy back my childhood.