Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Every Day Is Sweet

I haven't written yet about the sweetest thing Ella does. She started doing it a few weeks ago. While I'm busy cooking or cleaning in the kitchen, she'll walk up to me and and give my leg a little hug, sometimes resting her head on it. Can anything make you feel as good? I don't think so. At that moment, everything in the world seems okay.

Truly every day w/her is a blessing. She's learning something new all the time. She always eager to learn new signs. I think she knows 20 now. Today she watched me intently as I did fish lips for fish.

We had a wonderful weekend w/Will's parents. Ella's favorite thing was the stairs at Ma-Ma's. She went up and down, up and down. When Will told his mom, "I bet you're getting tired of helping her do this," she replied, "No, I could do this all day." :-)

On Sunday, we went to Abbie's surprise 30th b-day party-it was lots of fun. And Ella finally got to "play" w/Sam. He is a big boy (and quite handsome), but it wasn't as big of a difference in the two as I thought it'd be. Abbie looked radiant of course-she already has the pregnancy glow. And Liz did a super job w/the party-food and games were terrific.


Sib said...

That is a PRECIOUS picture of Ella and Ma-Ma. I'm glad y'all had such a good time! Sam is getting huge!

Elizabeth said...

It was SO great to finally see you again! Your daughter is even more precious in person! And I have a few more pictures of you: the camera loves you...
I was so impressed by all of the sign language Ella knows. I was talking about her at work and our speech therapist said all the studies show Ella will be really really smart because of her supermom's training! You're awesome!

rcsnickers said...

Happy Thanksgiving! Glad you had wonderful visits with family and friends! I know Mr and Mrs Kannon are so great with little ones! The few times we have visited they play with the kids non stop and love it!


Laura said...

Yes, I love that pic of Ella laughing w/Ma-Ma too.

And I hope Ella will be smart, too, Liz-thanks!

Hope your Thanksgiving was great too, Letisha. Yes, Mom Kannon played w/Ella non-stop. Dad Kannon enjoyed watching her more but did hold her a few times.

sarah said...

Sounds like a great trip. Such cute pictures! How special that Ella will come hug your leg like that:). It certainly changes perspective on life! Thanks for the updates.