Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Fun in the Country!

We went to Aiken for a brief but wonderful visit. Saw Gran Gran, Papa George, and Grandpa for lunch and then headed out to Mema's and Aunt Cherie's. Ella didn't nap the entire ride down (3 hours), and only had an hour nap during the day, so she was wiped out come bedtime. I think that's why she slept all the way through the night (she usually wakes up at least once during the night when she's away from home.) But she was up bright and early Sunday morning (6:30am!) and didn't stop until about 8pm that night. She was too excited about being w/her Mema and Aunt Cherie to sleep-who can blame her? Greatly enjoyed seeing everyone at church Sunday and that afternoon Ella had a ball in Aunt Cherie's garden and then later drawing pictures w/her in the sand. Roaming free in the country, that's the good life.


Elizabeth said...

Ella is so precious. Its great seeing her and you on your site! I get to post the news now about Abbie, so I'll chat with you soon!

Anonymous said...

Hey Laura, I suppose this is the Sunday we saw y'all at Lakeside. Sorry we ran off so quickly, but we had a previous appt. that we had to hurry to. Love y'all and Ella is beaaaaauuuutiful!

Mrs. B. (Sue) :)