Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Beautiful Day for Playing in the Leaves!

I actually took these a week or so ago but have been so busy w/Christmas stuff (cards, presents, etc) that I'm just now posting them.
Ella loves playing in the leaves-picking them up, throwing them down, etc. Sometimes she even gets mad at them (see last pic).

Ella still has a cold; lots of suctioning going on. Oh, and we didn't make it to Chick-Fil-A but not b/c of the cold thing b/c she was doing better that morning. I was actually ready to go at a decent time but when I was getting in the car, I realized my window was down. That was strange, I didn't remember leaving it down. Well, when I started the car and tried to roll the window up, it wouldn't budge-just made a funny noise. I tried and tried again in vain. I couldn't drive there in the cold weather w/the window down w/Ella still getting over her cold. So, out came Ella, her diaper bag, and Mommy. No Chick-Fil-A breakfast or story time-I was mostly upset about the breakfast.

So...instead of going to get a chicken biscuit, when Will got home, we dropped my Jeep off for repairs, and left there $400+ poorer. They had to replace the window controller unit (which controls all 4 windows) and they went ahead and fixed the trunk hydraulic lift. Now when loading groceries, the trunk door doesn't keep falling down on your head!

Oh well-that's life. At least it finally got us to the mechanic to get that lift fixed!


rcsnickers said...

Oh so sorry to hear about your window and the cost! Ouch! I understand though, we just dropped our car off at the mechanic for the transmission. Not cheap! Oh well... at least the Lord provides and we are all healthy!


Laura said...

Yes, Amen to that.

Elizabeth said...

Well, at least you made the mechanic a little richer for Christmas huh... So glad the tailgait got fixed: what a bummer. When we had a jeep I would constantly hit my leg on the trailer hitch when loading anything in the back. So frustrating...