Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Ring Around the Rosie

Ella went to her first storytime today at the Easley Library. I was determined we were going to do this even though it was @ 9:30 in the morning. We both enjoy sleeping in until 8:30. And to get a shower, dry my hair (that takes forever), nurse her, get dressed, and be ready to leave by 9:15-well, that would take a miracle. We actually didn't leave until 9:30, so we just caught the last 15 minutes of it, but oh, what fun! I actually thought, "I bet I'll be one of the only ones here." Boy, was I wrong. There are a lot of other crazy moms (about 10) who drag their kids to something so early in the morning. (For those of you reading this who think 9:30 is late in the day, and that if you wake up past 7am you've wasted half your day-this is how Will thinks-forgive me, but I am not a morning person.)

The "teacher" was great w/the kids-it was just for toddlers 2 and under (they have other groups for the older kids.) She read a Christmas book, then we did some fun songs w/bells-Ella loved ringing hers-and finished w/"Ring around the Rosie."

Okay, let's park here for a minute. I've never liked this rhyme after I was told it was in reference to the bubonic plaque. I thought, "How awful to be singing a song about how millions of people died." However, after finding this website, and reading some others' opinions, I think I was fed a lie. In actuality, "Philip Hiscock, a folklorist at Memorial University in Newfoundland, argues that the rhyme likely originated as a way of skirting Protestant bans on dancing." Now, that I can agree w/any day. Everyone knows I like to shake a jig once in awhile. :-)
Another interesting thing. After everyone fell down, the teacher and all the other moms began singing this verse:

The cows are in the meadow
Eating buttercups
Thunder! Lightening!
We all get up

I was amused. I thought it was cute but had never heard of it. Appears it's another verse of the rosie rhyme-though some versions are different (just like there are variants of the original rhyme).

Okay, done chasing that rabbit-back to storytime. Ella didn't want to stand by herself-she wanted me to hold her almost the entire time. I think all those kids intimidated her. But I'm sure once we go a few times, she'll be more sociable.

I also picked up a few more books for her. (Our first time going to the library was a couple weeks ago and I picked up Bible Stories Volume 1.) Now I have Read-aloud Bible Stories Vol. 2 and 3 by Lindvall. Big illustrations and simple but accurate stories-however, the illustrations aren't that appealing to babies. But the best I could find. I also got some other books-The Big Red Barn and some books that had tapes or CDs w/them. Thought it'd be fun to let Ella hear some books in the car.
(I know Liz will appreciate that.)

Letisha, do you know of any other Bible books that are good for Ella's age? I know you frequent your library a lot and am sure you have some gems to share. :-)

They're having another storytime at Chick-Fil-A this Friday at 10am. My plan is to go early so we can enjoy breakfast together first. We'll see how that goes.


rcsnickers said...

What an interesting take on "Ring Around the Rosie."

Glad you guys had fun! We have story time at our library as well. 9:30 -- too early for me! Plus it is a 30 minute drive! We have been once! Oh I am just like you... not a morning person and a total night owl. For awhile I was doing great getting up at 6 and exercising and such but that only lasted maybe 3-4 months! Now I am back to dragging out of bed at oh 8ish. My boys wake up at 6 and climb in our bed to snuggle with me and Daniel when he is home. At least we start school at 9 as routine!

Have fun at chik-fil-a! cool, breakfast and story! I will get back with you on library books... gotta find my list! I have not found too many bible books for her age. Ours we own.


drerose02 said...

LOVE that you went to the library and found a new activity. I'd totally love that!
Totally understand the whole not a morning person: I married one. He needs two hours to wake up, and ususally is alert by 11 AM..
Amazing all that you do in the AM: the drying your hair especially...
Just a quick note: make nice to the check out ladies/men. I often check out books on CD and sometimes leave a CD out: they call and laugh at my blonde moments...
Congrats on being Supermom again!

drerose02 said...

My new display is a problem...Its me: Elizabeth...another blonde moment

Emily said...

I too am a morning person and live with extreme non-morning people...we're talking waking at 12 or later...my newest hobby: reading in bed... :)
The second verse to Ring Around the Rosy is adorable, and I'm sure Ella will be reading in no time and interested in literature like her English major mommy!

Laura said...

Glad you all can relate, whether it's b/c you yourself are not a morning person (and can still start homeschooling by 9am-that gives me hope, Letisha) or b/c you're married to one.

Not sure now about Chick-Fil-A. Ella's sick-bad cold. I don't think it was from the library thing though since colds tend to take a few days to "catch." She started getting sick Tues. evening. We'll see how she feels tomorrow. Right now, she has a constant runny nose that's wiped w/whatever is readily available. And there's been lots! of suctioning going on-she's not handling it too well. Lots of crying, whining, clinging...
I do feel sorry for her but was sooo glad when Will came home early to give me a little break today!

rcsnickers said...

oh sorry to hear she is not feeling well! Hopefully she will sleep well and be ready to go in the morning.

Joshua was throwing up the other morning. Not fun.... Thankfully no signs of it uin the rest of us! (knock on wood...)


Elizabeth said...

LOVE your christmas picture: you guys are such a beautiful family.

rcsnickers said...

Okay, sure you are busy but I wanted to check to make sure you are all well.

My Mom called this morning and had been throwing up/yucky other since 2am and every hour! Some stomach virus going around. Hope Ella did not get it!


Laura said...

yes, we're okay. Thanks for checking, Letisha. Just crazy busy w/Christmas-be glad you don't do presents-I really wish my family would agree to that. It's been crazier than normal this year trying to buy for everyone and stick to a budget.

Liz-glad you liked the pic-we LOVED your letter-so funny. Bella-the personal licker/greeter. We'd love to stay at your beautiful B&B sometime. :-)