Thursday, December 21, 2006

Future Seamstress

I gave Ella the measuring tape to play with and she immediately draped it over herself like a pro. Then she took my old headband and pulled it down around her waist. Finally, she emptied out all her toys from the box and climbed inside. Funny girl.

This is what Ella does w/Daddy's tank tops. Notice how the onesie's a little big? And it's only a 12 month size. You can definitely see she has a cute little tummy though. And notice the hands behind her back again. :-)

My big helper!


rcsnickers said...

Too adorable! They have creative minds, huh?


sarah said...

The many faces of Ella - she is so cute! I love the story about the measuring tape! Had you done that before or how did she know? Precious!

rcsnickers said...

oh I forgot... I love how she is wearing Will's shirt! I remember when Rachel was fascinated with putting Daniel's shorts around her neck. Always very funny to see!

Also, in case we all get busy with church and Christmas... HAPPY ANNIVERSARY!! I hope you two have a special day together... as everyday is, right? Thankful for all that he has done for you and your little girl!


Laura said...

No, I'd never done the tape thing before...she's a natural I guess.

Thank you for the anniversary wishes, Letisha!

Elizabeth said...

So Ella can hem your pants now huh! I started sewing very young (now that young) so we'll just have to see. One of the kids I babysat growing up had an obsession with his mom's panyhose: they had them everywhere so he could grab them anytime...even in the car!