Saturday, December 30, 2006

Christmas Fun

Christmas Eve Ella helped Mommy wrap some last minute gifts. She somehow got a bow stuck on her bottom-too cute and put a ribbon bow in her hair all by herself. At least she didn't shred stickers like Bella! (Liz's dog). :-)

Ella enjoyed her 2nd Christmas. We're doing the Magi gift thing-3 gifts. She got her 1st peg puzzle, a Jack-in-the-box, and a Little Snoopy pull dog. She also got some play keys in her stocking, but we don't count that among the three. :-)
But her favorite thing was something Will had made her a few days before. He recently got a car seat for his truck and made Ella a house out of it. Nothing fancy-he just cut some windows and a door for her to crawl in, but she LOVES it!

Went to see Mom and Ken at the lake later that day. Ella enjoyed showing off her Christmas dress.

Tuesday we first went to visit Mema, Aunt Cherie and Candace. I was so excited about Ella's new PJs Aunt Cherie got her-the pants are made to be tight and b/c of that-they can fit her short legs. Yay!

In the evening, we went to visit my siblings and Dad at Marna's house; Ella loved spending time w/her cousins. She'd never met Tyler (Donna's oldest) and hadn't seen Meagan and Maggie (Donna's other 2 kids) since last October. They were all wonderful with her. I so wish we lived closer to them so she could get to know all her cousins better...maybe one day.

Yes, Justin (Marna's youngest boy who is only 27 months but so huge!) is picking his nose!


Sib said...

Thanks for sharing these pictures. Ella is such a cutie...I love the bow on her bottom and the curly "hair!" It looks like she was the center of attention at her cousins'!

Sib said...

I just got a closer look at the cousins. Are the two redheads Donna's kids? They grow up so fast! Who is the brunette holding Ella?

Laura said...

Maggie (Donna's youngest) is holding Ella and the other 2 redheads are hers as well (Meagan and Tyler). Yes, they do grow up so fast...Tyler is already 15! I still remember taking care of him for a week (I stayed w/Donna on my spring break) when he was just 2 weeks old!

Elizabeth said...

OK, quite possibly the cutest dress ever made! LOVE IT!
I also love the idea of 3 gifts like the Maji! I learn so much from you! Then she will actually remember what was for Christmas and relate it to Christs birth: so thoughtful! Is it something you came up with in your SuperMom brain, or what?
And yes, so cute, so adorable with the bows and ribbon (easier to clean up too) Did I tell you I wrapped everything (no bags) this year b/c of your blog? It was fun for me, and Bella loved it. We even let her rip her presents open too.
Next year, Kris's parents agreed we could adopt a family and shop for them instead of us: I'm thrilled about it.
Didn't realize how huge your family is. Must be hard to be so far away huh. HOw often do you go home? How far is it?
You continue to amaze me: still love your blog more than TV or books (whatever those are...hehhe)

rcsnickers said...

Do you have two sisters? All the cousins from them? What is the age difference between you and your sisters?

My sister is 8 years older than me and her oldest is 16. Seems strange. We are just starting school and have little ones and her oldest will graduate this year and the rest close by.


Laura said...

Liz-can't take credit for the Magi gifts idea-learned it from an older married friend when I was still in high school. I thought, "That's a great idea; someday when I'm married and have kids, we'll have to do that." Thankfully, I remembered. :-)
Glad you like the dress-I thought it was pretty cute too! I wrapped most of mine this year too and most of the ones I received were wrapped as well. Yay!
I love your adopting a family idea!!! Maybe I could convince my family.
Yes, it is hard to be away from my family-it's about 2.5 hours to Aiken where sisters, Dad, and, Granny live and 2 to Prosperity where my Mom and Ken live. Even though that's not that much of a drive, we still don't make it home that often (about once every 3 months). One of these days, we hope to move to the Columbia area which will put us closer to my folks and Will's.

Letisha-I have 3 sisters but the oldest (Karen-12 years older) isn't married and has no kids. Donna is 9 years older w/3 kids and Marna is 7 years older w/4 kids. Thankfully Marna's 2 youngest (Justin and Kaitylnn) are relatively close to Ella's age. Justin is 23 months and Kaitlynn 7 months. She says she's finished; we'll see. :-)

Laura said...

Letisha-I meant to say Justin is 27 months...

Elizabeth said...

We would love to move near columbia too! Maybe one day we'll be close enough to have tea parties after all! We're thinking within 2 years we'd like to move to Camden or Columbia area, Florence is a maybe too. How neat to think we could be neighbors! I'd LOVE it!