Saturday, March 10, 2007

10 New Things Ella Can Do

1. Blow Bubbles. She has a monkey wand and constantly beats her chest to remind me that monkey is outside and that's where she wants to be. She loves it when we're outside sitting on the patio chairs blowing bubbles. She feels like such a grown-up I'm sure sitting in a big chair like her Mommy. She'll point to her chair, and I'll say, "Ella's sitting in her chair." She'll point to mine and I'll say, "Mommy's sitting in her chair." Then she'll point to a vacant chair, and I'll say, "Nobody's sitting in that chair." She thinks that's so funny.

2. Operate her Jack-in-the-Box all by herself. She still opens her mouth wide every time he pops out!

3. Ride her purple stick horse that her Aunt Marna got her for Christmas and push his ear to make him neigh.

4. Say "Turtle." She pronouces the 2 syllables so distinctly- "Tur-tul"-it's adorable. She started saying it once she saw the beginning of Over the Hedge. She was fascinated w/that turtle! I personally loved the squirrel the best. :-)

5. Is trying to say other words like "doll" and "ball." Not quite there yet. Making the first sounds of the word though. She's got the "Pu" sound down for "please" too. And she's said some new consonant sounds-for instance, the "h" sound after I told her something was "hot." Her latest is saying her best "Choo-Choo" when she hears the train. Of course her favorite way of communicating is still signing, but she's pointing at new things and wanting names. Today we were outside and she wanted to know about the hose and the drain pipe.

6. Can stack 5 blocks on top of each other! But her favorite activity is putting a couple blocks on Mommy's head and watching them fall off.

7. Can climb up and slide down her new 4-foot slide all by herself. We opted for this right now b/c who knows when Will's going to have the time to build a nice wooden set.

8. She hasn't used her potty yet, but she loves flushing the toilet after I use it. Sometimes she'll flush when no one has even used it.

9. Climb on Rusty (her rocking horse) all by herself and press his ear to make him "clop,clop" and "neiggggh." Will taught her how to put one foot in the stirrup and swing herself up. She doesn't always make it, but you can't fault her for not trying. :-)

10. She's been saying "Moo" for a cow, "Bawk-Bawk" for a chicken, and "Baa" for a sheep for a long time but now she can look like a chicken as well by putting her hands under her armpits for wings and moving her head in and out.


Elizabeth said...

OK, everytime you post pictures and describe her, I think, she can't possibly get any cuter. Then she does! How precious! You are such an excellent, loving mother. I'm so impressed with her speech and language skills and her joy over life: like Karanena (Jesus really) reminded us, if only we could all find joy in life like a little child! Thank you so much for sharing and what a wonderful new background! I was secretly waiting for you to change so I could change to the one you were using...hehehe
Love you!

Nene said...

Love your new look! And I love all the new pictures of Ella...can you believe how much she changes everyday! If we could just slow down time...

Laura said...

Thanks, y'all! I switched b/c I couldn't get the old template to divide things in my sidebar like I wanted. I'm sure there was a way, but it was easier to switch and I was ready for a less serious look. I mean, who am I kidding? I'm just a kid-dots suit me best. :-)

Emily said...

I like your new profile pic! I smiled when I saw you changed your "blogskin" (Jeff tells me that is the right word!) I love how you're constantly renovating and rethinking things.
Ella is just so cute. Loved reading about her new skills. How much fun must it be to be a kid with loving parents, and the whole world to explore! Love the slide too!